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How to install broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


Since the skyrocketing housing prices, more and more people are buying houses that are so small and pitiful that they wish to use the balcony as a living room. The first point is to enhance the indoor usable area, and the second is that it is also convenient to clean. Then the question is, which material is better, aluminum alloy or broken bridge aluminum, for sealing the balcony at home? The conscience master made a comparison. Considering the safety of sealing the balcony, the frameless windows and plastic-steel windows on the market are not to be discussed. There are too many disadvantages, and the service life is not long. It is often exposed to the wind and the sun, and a better quality one can also block the wind. Rain, it is not easy to be damaged in a violent storm.

And broken bridge aluminum windows are now used more and more in our homes, because the sound insulation performance of broken bridge aluminum windows and the overall stability of the windows need to be higher than those of traditional aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows. There are a lot of them, so many friends like to choose broken bridge aluminum windows. However, the performance of the broken bridge aluminum window itself is only one aspect, and the other aspect of the broken bridge aluminum window is the problem of window installation. If a window is not installed properly, water seepage, air leakage, etc. may occur later. Therefore, in this article, Baydee uPVC Profiles will tell you in detail how to install the broken bridge aluminum window, and what problems need our attention during the installation process.

How to install broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

The first thing that needs to be installed is the window frame, which needs to be adjusted so that it belongs to the same plane. After there is no problem, fix it with expansion screws, and the screws must be hit in the glass groove and cannot be exposed.

Next, the door frame needs to be placed in the hole, and the sealing work needs to be done. You can put styrofoam on the perimeter of the door frame and the wall, fill the gap, install the rail groove, adjust the position in the frame, and use structural glue to fix it.

Check whether the switch is free. If there is no problem, install the glass next, put a large piece under the glass, install the glass in the door frame, and then fix it with a pressure strip. Then put on the glass glue, and the problem of glue overflow and glue leakage cannot occur, and the sealing performance is guaranteed, and the installation is in place.

What are the precautions for installing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

When choosing the installation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, because there are different color choices, we need to match the overall interior decoration style. The color should not be too dark, otherwise the overall color will appear dark, feel depressed, and destroy the overall decoration. Effect.

Pay attention to the sealing strip of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows: the sealing strip is an important part of keeping the indoor temperature constant. Only the sealing strip can better keep the gaps of some small doors and windows in the room better. Generally, we all know that the sealing strip of ordinary doors and windows is It is easy to age or open the glue, so we must pay attention to the quality of the sealing strip, and there are many types of sealing strips.
The installation of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows also needs to pay attention to one detail, which is the function of sealing. To choose the correct sealing strip, it can play a key role in air tightness, heat preservation and sound insulation, so the quality of the sealing strip will determine the sealing effect. If possible, try to choose long-tail adhesive strips.