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What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows?


Are aluminum alloy doors and windows good? The editor believes that the home improvement door and window market has already given the answer. At present, aluminum alloy doors and windows are used very frequently in home improvement doors and windows, so aluminum alloy doors and windows are enough to be recognized by the market.

So, what are the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows? The following Baydee uPVC Profile will take you to discuss it together!

(1) Light weight and high strength

Aluminum alloy profiles have a light proportion of raw materials and high compressive strength, and the cross-section of doors and windows is composed of empty stomach and thick walls. It is about fifty percent lighter than steel doors and windows. In the case of large cross-sectional size and light weight, the cross-section has high compressive strength.

(2) good closed characteristics

Aluminum profiles are very easy to form. Therefore, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better sealing, tightness, noise reduction and sound insulation performance than ordinary wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows.

(3) The product has high precision and is not easy to deform

Cold connections are used throughout the process. For the installation of horizontal and vertical components and hardware, all use screws, anchor bolts or bolts, or according to angle aluminum or other types of connectors, so that the frame and fan prefabricated components are connected into a whole. Compared with the electric welding of steel doors and windows, this type of cold connection can prevent the deformation caused by uneven heat during the whole process of electric welding and welding, thereby ensuring the production accuracy.

(4) The facade of the building is beautiful and generous

First, the design is beautiful and generous, and the total area of ​​doors and windows is large, which makes the actual effect of the building facade of the project building block simple and bright, and improves the contrast between light and dark, which is quite textured; A variety of good metal surface treatment methods can obtain various color tones and actual surface effects, which further improves the decorative art of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

(5) Anti-corrosion, convenient application and maintenance

The surface layer of aluminum alloy doors and windows does not need to be painted again during application and maintenance. It does not discolor, does not fall off, has corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, good rigidity, durability, light and flexible opening and closing, and no noise.

(6) Cost-effective

In the architectural decoration design project, it is very aimed at multi-storey buildings and good architectural decoration, and comprehensively measures from the aspects of performance indicators, decoration actual effect, safety, environmental protection and energy saving and maintenance. The cost performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows is better than Other types of doors and windows.

(7) Conducive to industrial production

Aluminum alloy door and window fan material processing, accessory parts and hydraulic seal production and door and window assembly lines, etc., can be carried out in a large number of industrial production in the processing plant, which is beneficial to maintain the standardization of door and window design, the generalization of commodities and the generalization of spare parts, And the technicalization of its doors and windows.

Finally, Baydee uPVC Profile reminds everyone that the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows will fluctuate with the rise of aluminum and raw materials. When choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, try to choose familiar brands. Share it here, I hope you like it.