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Acceptance and performance inspection methods of doors and windows


The importance of the performance inspection of door and window acceptance must be taken seriously!

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have gradually become a regular product for home improvement doors and windows, which also shows that living standards are gradually improving. However, door and window products are always low concern products, and many owners still do not know much about them.

Then, Baydee uPVC Profile will give you the basic knowledge of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, help you choose doors and windows in the future, and have one more cheat book.

What are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are actually an upgraded version of aluminum alloy doors and windows, also known as "thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows".

The aluminum alloy doors and windows are distinguished by their thermal insulation strips, which can be distinguished in cross-section through the PA66 nylon thermal insulation strips linking the profiles.

Door and window lock inspection

After the doors and windows are installed, we need to check whether the door and window locks are installed in the correct position, and whether there is any reverse or dislocation phenomenon. Whether the door and window handles of the switch are loose, etc. Check whether the doors and windows are locked after the doors and windows are closed and whether they do not slide.

tightness check

In fact, there is a very simple and effective way to check whether the sealing of doors and windows is qualified, which is to place a piece of A4 paper in the position where the fan is opened and lock the doors and windows. Then check whether the A4 paper is pulled out smoothly by hand. If it is pulled out easily, it means that the sealing performance is not good. At the same time, if the four corners of the window are pressed hard in turn when the window is locked, if there is obvious loosening, it means that the sealing performance is not good.

Door and window waterproof inspection

Check the window sill for downslope and water accumulation. At the same time, whether the upper eaves outside the window are equipped with the function of rainwater backflow and building dripping corner protection, these small details need to be carefully observed by the owners.

Door and window use inspection

The inspection of the use of doors and windows is the last step in the installation and acceptance of doors and windows. It is necessary to check whether the opening and closing of doors and windows are stable, and whether there is abnormal shaking after doors and windows are locked. Shake the doors and windows with your hands to see if you feel abnormal resistance and noise, and open and close the doors and windows with different strengths to see how the doors and windows are stressed.

Details determine success or failure, so remember to carefully check the door and window acceptance.

Doors and windows have always put quality first to ensure the stability, safety and durability of doors and windows, giving users a good experience in use, and promises a lifetime warranty.

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