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Advantages and performance of diamond mesh window


The diamond mesh screen window is generally composed of aluminum alloy frame and diamond mesh. What is King Kong Net? Baydee uPVC Profile explains:

The diamond mesh screen window is one of the anti-theft screen windows. It refers to the anti-theft screen that uses diamond mesh as the screen. King Kong net is also called bulletproof net.

Diamond mesh is a mesh made of stainless steel wire, but it has strict requirements when selecting stainless steel material, generally 304 or 316 profiles, and the thickness of the mesh wire is generally 0.5 wire or 0.8 wire. Mesh is common in the market and is also chosen by many users. Diamond mesh has excellent performance both in terms of material and hardness. The hardness of diamond mesh screens is relatively high, and it is generally difficult to destroy by external force. Diamond mesh screens are one of the anti-theft screens. It refers to the anti-theft screen that uses diamond mesh as the screen.

It is organically compounded with the existing doors and windows, and has the advantages of high strength, simplicity and power, shear resistance, impact resistance, etc., and reflects the advantages of anti-theft, insect-proof, ventilation, beauty, and protection. The high-strength hardware locks equipped in the diamond mesh window can not be opened from the outside after being locked, so as to play the anti-theft effect.

Diamond mesh is a new type of household profile on the market, suitable for assembling on relatively new doors and windows, meeting the needs of customers. It can not only play a role in preventing insects, but also play a role in preventing theft, and it does not affect the appearance.

Function and advantages:

Mesh look and feel: transparent without dizziness, looking from the inside to the outside like a layer of tinted glass is transparent, and looking from the outside to the inside is blurry and indistinct. Gold steel mesh has good hardness, and due to its high strength, whether it is fixed on the wall or on the window, the diamond mesh screen has a good enough acceptance, and is not afraid of outsiders. A good mesh is treated with electrophoretic paint, and is not afraid of moisture, the sun or the erosion of bad conditions. Because it is a crisscross structure and the wire diameter is 0.8mm, it can not only prevent mosquitoes, but also strengthen the anti-theft effect. The combination of good locks and accessories highlights the features of this anti-theft door and window with superior functions and guaranteed quality. With this anti-theft door and window, let your home be ventilated, breathable, and free of mosquitoes to ensure that thieves cannot enter.

Safety protection: Reject dangerous factors, prevent damage or the invasion of animals such as rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

Prevention of falling objects: The elderly or playing children in the room will not be in danger due to the opening of doors and windows.

Invisible and transparent: no sense of obstruction, no sense of blocking, no sense of oppression, and the interior remains bright and natural at all times.

Easy to open and easy to escape: Instead of the traditional fixed protective fence, it is convenient for family members to quickly escape from the scene in the event of a fire or other crisis.

Power saving and energy saving: no air blockage is caused, and the indoor air is always blowing at any time, reducing unnecessary air conditioning operation.

Easy to Care: Dust and oil stains are easy to clean, and it will be as bright as new after a little care with a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush.

Resist UV rays: It can resist up to 30% of UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun while avoiding UV damage to your skin.

Humanized design: The door and window corner guard design reduces the damage to the elderly and children caused by sharp door and window collision angles.

Low carbon and environmental protection: It is completely made of environmentally friendly materials and has no pollution.

The diamond mesh window has good durability. The diamond mesh window has strict mesh installation requirements when it is produced. Whether it is nailing or beading, the installed diamond mesh window has a good load-bearing capacity. The last point is that the service life of the diamond mesh window is relatively long. Generally, it does not need to be replaced within ten or twenty years. Compared with nylon screen windows that are changed every year or stainless steel screen screens that are easily deformed and have to be replaced, the cost-effectiveness of choosing diamond screen screens is still very high.