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What are the advantages of inward-opening inward-turning windows?


As we all know, the opening methods of soundproof windows mainly include push-pull, casement, inward and outward, and so on. The different opening methods naturally have their own advantages and characteristics. However, at present, most of my friends are more inclined to Select the opening method of opening inside and inside opening. So what are the advantages of inward opening and inner inverted soundproof windows? The following Baydee uPVC Profile will introduce to you:

Inward opening and inner inverted window:

The inward-opening inward-turning window is a new form developed on the basis of the casement window. It has two ways of opening, it can be opened flat, and it can be inverted. When it is inverted, a gap of about ten centimeters can be opened, that is to say, the window can be opened a little from above, the opened part is suspended in the air, and is connected to the window frame through hinges and the like.

The advantages of inward opening and inner inverted soundproof windows are as follows:

Good sealing:

Inward-opening soundproof windows are slightly better than push-pull soundproof windows in terms of sound insulation due to better sealing performance, while inward-opening and inverted soundproof windows also retain this advantage. Double rubber strips are used to build a sealed air chamber, so that the opening fan is in a locked state. The bottom and the frame are seamlessly sealed, and it is an advanced window type that takes into account sealing, protection and indoor space constraints.

save space:

At present, the relatively big problem of inward-opening soundproof windows is that when they are opened, they will occupy a large area of ​​indoor space. However, the inward-opening and inner-inverting soundproof windows can effectively save space by opening the top and inwardly inverted, and at the same time, the protection is better. It can avoid the occurrence of collision, and adjust the direction of outdoor air flow, blow it to the top and distribute it evenly to the room.

Good water resistance:

Rainproofing is also an essential function of windows. According to the gravitational force, rainwater drips from the top to the bottom. If the home is equipped with a window that opens inside and falls inside, the raindrops need to run against the gravitational force from the bottom to the top to enter the room. This is against the laws of nature. Of course, don’t worry. La. Therefore, families with inward-opening and inverted-inward windows do not have to worry about sudden rainwater entering the room.

Easy to clean:

Removing dust and smog is also a major function of windows, especially for northern owners, because of the haze and sand, the windows have to be cleaned several times a month. For residents with high floors, there is basically no way to clean the windows that are opened outwards, because it is opened outwards, and it is too dangerous to lean out most of the body to clean the windows. And with the inward-opening inward-turning window, there is no such trouble at all, as long as the window is opened inward, it is easy to take care of it!

Good ventilation characteristics:

When the window is poured inside, the gas enters the room from the upper opening and left and right openings of the window, and the wind is not easy to blow against the face, which can reduce the risk of catching a cold. The inward-opening and inward-turning windows are very suitable for those who live in high-rise buildings. When the wind blows, the inward-turning windows can not only prevent the wind but also allow the fresh air to enter the room slowly, which really kills two birds with one stone.

In summary, we can draw a very simple conclusion:

For windows that open inward and turn inward, only two states are maintained for more than 99% of the time: the closed state or the inward-turning state. And there are only two possibilities for this 1% fully open state: the need for short-term enhanced ventilation, and the need to paint the windows.

The two main functions of windows are lighting and ventilation. For lighting requirements, no matter whether the windows are inward-opening, inward-turning, or closed, light can enter the room through the glass unobstructed. Therefore, for the functional requirement of daylighting, the inward-opening and inward-turning windows fully meet the requirements.

The important thing is that the inward opening and inner inverted soundproof window can realize three states of window closing, inward opening, and inward inverted, which can meet different needs such as sound insulation, heat insulation, ventilation, and cleaning.