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Why install doors and windows first?


Many designers now advocate: before the decoration is moved, the doors and windows come first. So why install doors and windows before renovation? What are the benefits of installing doors and windows first? Let's take a look today.

1. Doors and windows belong to the products outside the house. After the floor plan of the decoration plan is confirmed, the doors and windows can be ordered to seal the balcony, because only after the floor plan layout is confirmed, can the function of each distribution area of ​​the house be known and what civil engineering needs to be done. In this way, door and window merchants can know how to design doors and windows and seal balconies. When setting doors and windows first, you can give designers or decoration companies a reference to let them know what style the homeowner generally likes, so that they can have a bottom line when decorating.

Install doors and windows first, without delaying the construction period. Therefore, installing the doors and windows first is conducive to the laying of the line, and the construction is clearer. In addition, if the doors and windows are not installed, the rain and snow may even be poured into the rain, so that the construction period cannot be carried out normally.

Second, to save costs, first choose doors and windows is an effective way to control the cost of decoration. Anyone who has renovated knows that the final renovation is basically beyond the original budget. Because in the decoration process, there are often some additional items that cannot be paid in advance, which naturally consumes more labor and materials. Not to mention the lengthening of the construction period, there will be more money. After choosing the doors and windows, you actually spent a lot of money in the decoration cost, and the basic pattern has been determined, which will avoid many unnecessary additions.

The budget is used to exceed, because there will be many uncontrollable factors in the decoration. For example, after the decoration is completed, it is found that the reserved size of the doors and windows is not correct, or it is found that the room is not suitable for the windows that open inside, etc. These will not only prolong the construction period, but also pay for it. Pay more. Install doors and windows first to avoid losses caused by delays in construction.

3. Favorable space layout

When decorating, the space layout is generally determined, but many people decorate and dress up to partition or transform the original space because of a certain space requirement or functional requirements.

After selecting the doors and windows first, whether it is a sliding door or a folding door, the decoration can be based on the corresponding reserved position, the overall spatial layout will be more harmonious, and you can have a better experience for future living.

Doors and windows are customized products. It takes a certain amount of time from placing an order to receiving the goods. If the color and quality of many doors and windows are required, the manufacturer also needs to adjust according to the plan, which will increase the arrival time accordingly, so it is necessary to Set doors and windows as early as possible.