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Compared with the characteristics of upvc sliding windows and flat windows, who has more advantages?


At present, there are two main types of window designs for home balconies - upvc sliding windows or casement windows. How do you choose between these two types of windows? What is the difference between the two advantages?

Advantages of sealing balcony upvc sliding windows:

1. Conducive to lighting and ventilation: the opening area of ​​upvc sliding windows can reach up to 50% of the entire window.

2. Space saving: upvc sliding windows are opened in a plane, so it will not occupy the external and internal space; it is also very convenient to hang curtains.

3. Easy to clean: The movable fan can be disassembled for cleaning.

4. High cost performance: the price of upvc sliding windows of the same grade is cheaper than that of casement windows.

Insufficient balcony upvc sliding windows:

1. The sealing performance is general: due to structural problems, there are certain gaps between the frame and fans; (the quality is not good or after a certain number of years of use) noise, dust, etc. are easy to slip into the house through the gaps.

2. General wind pressure resistance: the main force member of upvc sliding windows is often the sash (mainly relying on pulleys to bear the wind load in the horizontal direction); in the case of strong storms, the probability and degree of damage are higher than that of casement windows. big.

Selection suggestion:

1. It is recommended to be used in areas with quiet environment, less rain or low requirements on window sealing and sound insulation (closed balcony upvc sliding windows).

2. Due to the large opening area of ​​upvc sliding windows, it is recommended to install protective nets to avoid the danger of falling.

Advantages of closed balcony casement windows:

1. More flexible division: Aluminum can be used to flexibly divide the fixed window, which can play a good decorative role.

2. More suitable for viewing: For casement windows with large compartments, the opening fan only occupies a small part of the entire window, and a whole fixed fan (large glass) can be made in the middle to achieve a transparent and bright room effect.

3. Good sealing: Casement windows can effectively prevent the invasion of rain and dust, and the energy saving and noise reduction effect of the broken bridge window series will be better.

Insufficient closed balcony casement windows:

1. Casement window products are difficult to clean;

2. The ventilation effect is slightly poor. The opening fan of the casement window only occupies a part of the area of ​​the whole window, and it needs to be fully opened to achieve a better ventilation effect.

3. Occupying indoor space: When the fan or yarn fan is opened inward, it will occupy part of the indoor area and it is prone to encounter accidents.