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Upvc sliding windows of doors and windows knowledge


Doors and windows are essential structures for lighting and ventilation in houses. After years of market precipitation, there are various types of windows, but the most frequently installed are upvc sliding windows and flat windows. Let's take a look at upvc sliding windows today.

What are upvc sliding windows?

Upvc sliding windows are generally divided into European-style upvc sliding windows and American-style upvc sliding windows. Generally, those used in China belong to European-style upvc sliding windows, that is, windows that allow the sash to slide relatively on the frame track and open horizontally through the track and pulley. American upvc sliding windows generally use the up and down opening method, so they are also called American sliding windows, which are mainly popular in North America.

What are the characteristics of upvc sliding windows?

beautiful appearance

upvc sliding windows are simple and beautiful, with large pieces of glass, wide field of vision and high lighting rate.

good ventilate

upvc sliding windows have good ventilation, large opening area and high ventilation efficiency.

save space

upvc sliding windows are opened in a plane, so it will not occupy the indoor space and will not affect the living environment.

What is the difference between upvc sliding windows and flat windows?

01 Style difference

The difference between casement windows and upvc sliding windows is mainly in their matching with the overall style of the building. Casement windows are widely used in urban commercial and residential buildings, office buildings and other buildings because of their flexibility; upvc sliding windows are usually It is horizontal push-pull, generally suitable for factories or rural home buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines.

02 Safety distinction

When upvc sliding windows are opened or closed, the human body does not need to protrude out of the wall to open and close the windows, and the safety of the human body when opening and closing is better than that of casement windows;

03 Making Differences

In terms of processing and production, the structure of upvc sliding windows is simple, and there are no special requirements for equipment. Therefore, the production, processing and operation of upvc sliding windows are simpler than that of casement windows.

04 Price difference

The price of casement windows of the same grade is not much different from that of upvc sliding windows, and the price of casement windows is slightly higher than that of upvc sliding windows. It is best to look for regular manufacturers of big brands when purchasing doors and windows. Baydee's products are not only cost-effective and guaranteed in quality, but also have a professional installation team and perfect after-sales service.