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How to maintain upvc sliding windows and doors?


Nowadays, the doors and windows have been ever-changing, and gradually the atmospheric upvc sliding doors have come into our people's field of vision. Although upvc sliding doors are beautiful and practical, they are also prone to problems without daily cleaning and maintenance. The editor of Baydee summarizes some daily The cleaning and maintenance method of upvc sliding doors, I hope to help everyone!

Glass surface cleaning for upvc sliding doors

After using upvc sliding doors for a while, usually not much or not will accumulate dirt, but after absorbing the moisture in the air, it will corrode the metal surface, so it is necessary to clean the surface of the upvc sliding doors a month, if you work hard to clean it once a week also.

At the same time, it should be noted that when wiping, use a soft and dry cotton cloth and silk to avoid scratching the surface glass layer.

Pulley maintenance method

The pulley of upvc sliding doors is the soul of the whole door and window. Although it is small in size, it has a great effect, so taking good care of it can make upvc sliding doors last longer. The pulley of upvc sliding windows is divided into upper and lower pulleys. If it is a brand pulley, the upper and lower pulleys use needle roller bearings to slide, no need to add lubricating oil, just pay attention to cleaning the sundries.

Ordinary bearings or rubber wheels should be dripped with lubricating oil on their sliding parts every six months.

The use of upvc sliding doors is very important

Wrong use of upvc sliding doors will cause irreversible damage to the doors and windows. When using upvc sliding windows and doors daily, do not swing the upvc sliding doors too hard, and at the same time avoid gravity hitting the doors and windows. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to use blunt tools to damage the guide rails of the doors and windows, etc. , If there is a problem with the upvc sliding doors, you must find the relevant staff to check the door in time.

Keep upvc sliding doors in good working order

Upvc sliding doors seem to be simple, but there are still many structures and accessories. Except for the protection of rails and other aspects, the sealing tops and glass seals are the key structures to ensure the sealing, thermal insulation and sound insulation of sliding doors. If they fall off, they should be timely Repair, replace.

Maintenance method of upvc sliding doors track

Keep the track clean to prevent foreign objects from entering. If the track has too much gray layer, there will be too much noise in the upvc sliding doors during use, and it will be inflexible to push and pull.
If there are sundries and dust, it can be cleaned with a brush. The dust accumulated in the groove and the top of the door seal can be sucked by a vacuum cleaner. This is the daily method of track maintenance.