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What are the characteristics of the special-shaped windows of broken bridge aluminum?


The special-shaped window we understand is the window with irregular geometric shape in the same plane (including different planes). Special-shaped windows have complex structures and different forms; their unique designs and extraordinary decorative effects are deeply loved by many home users. Now, Baydee Upvc Profiles will share those special-shaped window designs that are widely popular in the market, and let's broaden our "vision" together!

Broken Bridge Aluminum Profiled Window

Special-shaped windows (such as skylights, arc windows, heightened windows, etc.) or special-shaped structures may not be aesthetically pleasing at the rough stage, and may increase costs and construction difficulties during decoration. But if it is designed properly, it can become a good highlight after decoration and enhance the overall appearance of the room.

Curved window: The distinctive curved shape creates a unique and romantic space. The design is beautiful and atmospheric. In front of the same rectangular window, the scenery in front of you is enviable.

Circular window: As a decorative match, the circular window design is very beautiful, especially the Chinese-style circular window, the artistic conception brought by classical and modern is beautiful, and the circular window with clear glass has a beautiful decorative effect. A picture.

Corner windows: A common and trendy structure in modern homes. It does not go all the way through like ordinary windows, but a semi-enclosed area with more possibilities. Corner windows are cleverly designed to become a multifunctional space for rest, entertainment and study.

Classic floor-to-ceiling windows: Maximize the view and provide excellent lighting. The interior style combines beautiful scenery to create a home style like a work of art. The view from the inside of the house makes the simple and not gorgeous interior style suddenly brightened.

What is a better way to live? It must have an independent attitude to life, and even the philosophy of life contained in it, such a person can be called a life home. People who really know how to live will choose simple and elegant home decoration.