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The solution to save energy and cool down system doors and windows in summer is here


When summer comes, we do everything we can to cool our bodies in the face of the scorching hot weather. The sun is shining outside, and we will be sweating for five minutes after going out. For friends living in Nanjing, which is known as the Furnace City, especially in summer, it is like adding a "heat preservation function". In the room the air conditioner has to be turned to a very low degree and left on all day.

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Friends who live in Furnace City, if the doors and windows at home are not energy-saving doors and windows, then it is estimated that this summer will have to pay a lot of electricity bills, because on the one hand, the air conditioner in the home is cooling all day, on the other hand, the doors and windows in the home are not "competitive" and can't keep it. Air-conditioning, let the air-conditioning run away. Friends who live in other cities can't let the air conditioner idle. After all, sometimes the temperature at night is very high, and it is really difficult to sleep without the air conditioner. How to turn on the air conditioner and save the power to a great extent? Baydee Upvc Profiles is here to chat with you.

It is hot and hot in summer. If you want to keep your body cool and comfortable, in addition to turning on the air conditioner, you can also choose a door and window with good thermal insulation performance to shade and cool down, which can not only reduce the air temperature well, but also protect the interior. health effect.

The strength of air leakage resistance in the gap of doors and windows also plays an important role in the thermal insulation effect of doors and windows. Therefore, the system window achieves three seals for the entire window. Due to the improvement of the overall sealing performance, the performance of air tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation has been improved.

The air-tightness of doors and windows has a great impact on the loss of air-conditioning. When the air conditioner is turned on, the better the air-tightness of doors and windows, the less heat exchange and air-conditioning loss, and the easier it is to keep the room cool.

The doors and windows of the system also use vacuum composite glass, and inert gas is filled in the glass to ensure the sealing performance, and the external heat energy is not easy to enter the interior, ensuring that the room is always in a constant temperature state, even if the window sash is opened for a long time, you can still feel the cool feeling outside the window , is the sense of "green doors and windows".

The sealing strip is also one of the key factors affecting the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. The system door and window sealing strips use high-quality EPDM sealing strips. Requirements for the comfort of living space.

Having a system of doors and windows can bring you a refreshing and pleasant home experience in the long hot summer and make life more comfortable!