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The door and window person tells you that the choice of system doors and windows should not only look at the performance but also understand it


In this article, Baydee Upvc Profiles will introduce to you what system doors and windows are, and also help you how to choose system doors and windows.

What are system windows and doors? System doors and windows are building doors and windows that are systematically designed, manufactured and installed. Compared with traditional doors and windows, the system doors and windows are based on the local climate environment, and comprehensively consider a series of performance requirements such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-prying, weather resistance, etc. Sandstorm, severe cold and other weather, and realize the role of green energy saving and consumption reduction.

The doors and windows of the system are composed of a series of material components such as aluminum profiles, hardware accessories, sealing strips, and glass.

Therefore, the system door and window is not simply a high-quality product, but includes its craftsmanship, installation requirements, etc. Only when all of them meet a certain standard can it be called a system door and window. Also known as door and window system.

System windows and doors have a longer average practical lifespan. According to foreign research on system windows and doors, "the average actual service life of system windows is 15 to 30 years, while the actual service life of ordinary doors and windows is 5 to 15 years", which shows the huge gap between system windows and ordinary windows.

System doors and windows are divided into two categories: closed system and semi-closed system. For the closed system doors and windows, the independent door and window system technology, its hardware matching slot is a special accessory slot, which has poor versatility and no hardware accessories. Various combinations.

The selection of system doors and windows will be developed, processed and installed according to the actual needs of the market. How can customers choose doors and windows with good quality and performance, roughly from five aspects:

Wind pressure resistance, the average system doors and windows reach the 6 standard, air tightness, the average system doors and windows reach 6, water tightness, the average system doors and windows reach the 3 standard, the thermal insulation performance, the general system doors and windows are not lower than Class 3 standard, sound insulation performance, the general system doors and windows are not lower than the Class 3 standard plus other auxiliary properties: such as glass, heat insulation strips, hardware, etc. to judge.

Due to the innovation of material technology, the requirements of the society for the function of doors and windows are also constantly changing. Now the development of the door and window industry has mainly gone through five stages.

From the perspective of the overall trend, aluminum alloy doors and windows have a good advantage and the market has been transformed. New energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges, system doors and windows, and aluminum-wood composite doors and windows have become the new favorites in the future. Consumers' understanding of building doors and windows for energy saving and high-performance system doors and windows has risen to a relatively high level of understanding, which will gradually become a market trend of paying for performance.