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How to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows?


We always have a lot of expectations for our home. Looking forward to looking out of the window, you can see the beautiful scenery of falling leaves; looking forward to opening the window, there will be a breeze blowing; looking forward to a constant room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius; even more looking forward to the home is a quiet place isolated from the noise of the world. To realize these visions, it is essential to install a good aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most popular type of doors and windows in decoration, and they are the choice of most families. So, how to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows? This article will take you to learn more about aluminum alloy doors and windows and find the most suitable one.

1. Classification of aluminum alloy door and window profiles

According to different profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. The difference between the two is that the profiles of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows are a whole, there is no disconnection in the middle, and heat transfer and heat dissipation are relatively fast; while the profiles of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are connected by heat insulation strips, which interrupts the heat inside and outside. The conduction "bridge" can effectively prevent the outdoor high temperature from entering the room in summer, and the indoor heating running to the outside in winter.

Through the cross section of the door and window profiles, we can intuitively see the difference between them.

2. the opening method of aluminum alloy doors and windows

According to the different opening methods, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into three categories: sliding windows, casement windows, and top-hung windows. Among them, sliding windows and casement windows are the most common in home decoration.

Sliding windows are doors and windows that can be pushed on rails.

The advantages of sliding windows are that they can be opened in one plane, occupying less space, having a large opening area and good ventilation. The disadvantage is that the sealing is poor, and it is easy to leak air and water indoors in strong wind and rain.

Casement windows are divided into outward-opening windows and inward-opening windows. Inward-opening windows are convenient for cleaning, and outward-opening windows do not take up space. However, according to national regulations, inward opening windows must be used for floors above 7 to ensure safety.

The advantages of casement windows are good vision, good sealing, excellent sound insulation and heat insulation. The disadvantage is that there is a risk of window falling when opening windows outside, and windows opening inward will take up indoor space.

3. Glass

The glass of aluminum alloy doors and windows includes single-layer glass, double-layer insulating glass, and triple-layer insulating glass. The sound insulation, heat insulation and safety performance of insulating glass are far better than that of single-layer glass.

Usually in the industry, the way to express glass is: 5+18A+5, 8+12A+8+12A+8, etc.

The individual numbers represent the thickness of the tempered glass, that is, 5mm or 8mm thick tempered glass. 18A or 12A represents the distance between two layers of tempered glass (the hollow distance), that is, the distance of 18mm or 12mm.

Generally speaking, three-layer insulating glass has better sound insulation and heat insulation. If you live in a downtown area, you can consider three-layer insulating glass. For ordinary families, double-layer insulating glass is enough.

4.door and window hardware

The hardware of aluminum alloy doors and windows is very important, which will directly affect the experience and service life of doors and windows. The hardware accessories of aluminum alloy doors and windows mainly include handles, forks, connecting rods, sliding braces, hinges, lock blocks, limit braces, etc.

In terms of door and window hardware brands, imported ones can be preferred, such as Noto, German Haobo, Sijilia, etc. Domestic hardware can be considered top solid.

In summary, the best aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market are system doors and windows that use broken bridge aluminum profiles, insulating glass and imported hardware.

The so-called system doors and windows are essentially a perfect organic combination of performance systems. Comprehensive consideration of a series of physical properties such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, operating feel, etc., and also consider equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesive The performance of each link of adhesives and seals is finally formed into a high-performance system doors and windows.

In the selection of system doors and windows, in addition to the above aspects, it is also necessary to pay attention to the wall thickness and structural design of the profiles, as well as the materials of heat insulation strips and sealing strips, which will greatly affect the experience of doors and windows.

In terms of profile structure, the original double-broken bridge five-chamber structure of doors and windows further improves the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of doors and windows compared with ordinary single-broken bridge profiles.

In addition, my country has special requirements for the wall thickness of the profiles of building exterior windows. According to the latest national standard, the wall thickness of the exterior window profiles needs to be no less than 1.8mm.

The thermal insulation strip of the system window is made of PVC plastic and PA66 nylon. PVC is not resistant to high temperature and is easy to age. PA66 can withstand high temperature of 400 degrees, which is a more ideal material for door and window insulation strips. In terms of sealing strips, EPDM has very good elasticity and anti-aging ability, and is the best material for door and window sealing strips.

Of course, in addition to better materials, the appearance of doors and windows is also an issue that cannot be ignored when purchasing.

Good door and window brands are good at giving space unlimited imagination with simple design elements, thereby enhancing the style and taste of the home.

A good system window adopts the flush design of the inner and outer frame fans, and the appearance is uniform. The whole frame is spliced ​​at 45 degrees and is three-dimensionally fashionable. The three-dimensional layering of the whole window.

The large area of ​​the system window is made of floor-to-ceiling glass, which allows the house to have a wider field of vision, creating a sense of continuous beauty, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window at home.

Of course, it is not only high in appearance, but also very solid in materials and craftsmanship. It adopts aircraft-grade quality native aluminum configuration, with multi-cavity profile structure design and screw injection process, so that the safety, sealing, heat insulation and stability of doors and windows have excellent performance.

The decoration is not easy, and the replacement cost of doors and windows is very high. Therefore, when choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, the best way is to be able to do it in one step and choose a door and window product that will last a lifetime.