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How to optimize the space layout with sliding doors?


Once, when we talked about "space partition", we thought of using a wall to separate the space. Now, when we talk about "spatial partitions", we are no longer limited to physical partitions, but also pay attention to lighting, ventilation, spatial extension, and aesthetics. The sliding door is an artifact for everyone to optimize the space layout. How to use the sliding door to optimize the space layout? please watch the following part.

First, use sliding doors to optimize the layout of the balcony and living room

The living room plays an important role in the overall layout of the house. The living room is not only a meeting room, it represents the aesthetics, attitude and pattern of your family; it is also a space for emotional communication between family members, which conveys love and warmth to the family. Its status is very important.

The balcony is a very special place in the whole house layout. Although it is an independent small space, it can not only enjoy greenery, but also have excellent light and ventilation conditions.

Using a transparent glass sliding door, you can not only introduce the scenery into the room, but also ventilate and ventilate, and the lighting is also superb. On this basis, the balcony is still an independent space, and the home life also adds an elegant barrier. Why not do it?

Second, use sliding doors to optimize the layout of the kitchen and living room

Nowadays, people prefer open kitchens to cramped ones. However, a big problem with open kitchens is that once cooking, the fumes will run all over the living room, making people feel extremely uncomfortable.

To solve this long-standing problem, narrow-sided sliding doors come in handy. Narrow edge sliding door, with large area of ​​transparent glass and metal textured narrow edge, gives people a high-end and elegant feeling, and can be matched with any decoration style, adding a touch of elegance to the whole home.

In this way, this sliding door not only prevents the fume from running around, but also does not affect the visual connection between the living room and the kitchen. When you cook in the kitchen, you can still see the family in the living room and communicate with them.

Third, use sliding doors to optimize the layout of the bedroom and cloakroom

Every girl wants to have a cloakroom, so that bags, clothes, skirts and shoes have a home. Using a sliding door to create a small space in the bedroom for a cloakroom is a good idea.

In the choice of sliding doors, you can choose the hanging rail door, which is simple and beautiful, will not accumulate dust, is easy to clean, and has an elegant and beautiful shape, which is a must-have item to improve the quality of life.

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