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What does glue injection on doors and windows mean? How to distinguish whether the system doors and windows are real glue injection or fake glue injection?


There is a very important process in the production process of doors and windows, that is, the pin injection process. This process can make the connection of doors and windows stronger and better sealing. The process of pin glue injection can be understood in two ways. On the one hand, the pin is an accessory; on the other hand, glue injection is a technological process. To distinguish whether the glue injection of doors and windows is real or fake, you must first understand the process of pin injection.

In fact, the window frame and window sash are composed of four sides, and the fasteners connecting the four-sided profiles are the corner codes. According to the different craftsmanship of the window, the corner codes are divided into movable angle codes and integral angle codes.

The movable corner code is composed of two pieces, connected by screws, and has its own locator. It is simple and convenient to use, economical and practical, and the scope of use is relatively common.

However, the disadvantage of the movable corner code is also obvious, that is, it is fastened with a single screw. During transportation and during the use of the window, it may become loose and dislocated, resulting in gaps and deformations in the window frame or sash. . With the extension of use time, the sealing, sound insulation and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows will be reduced, which will affect the safety and use experience of doors and windows.

Integral corner yard, as the name suggests, the corner yard is a whole, it does not have a locator, and needs to be fastened and positioned by two pins.

Due to the connection method of corner code + pin, the overall structure of the corner code is very strong, which can perfectly solve the problem of looseness of the movable angle code, so that the performance of the whole window can be greatly improved. Therefore, the overall corner code is usually used in some high-end door and window products.

In the process of installing the overall corner code, it is necessary to use the glue injection process. Glue injection is to fill special glue between the corner code and the profile. Through glue injection, firstly, the connection of aluminum profiles can be made more firm and not easy to loosen; secondly, the sealing of door and window profiles can be improved by filling.

The glue injection process can greatly improve the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and water tightness of doors and windows, so it is welcomed by everyone. However, there are more and more fake glue injections and fake system windows on the market, so how should we distinguish between real and fake glue injections?

1. Observe the cavity.

Only the glue injection cavity structure can realize the glue injection process, and the ordinary cavity structure cannot be glued. There are glue injection holes on the glue injection cavity, and the glue can be injected into the cavity through the glue injection holes.

2. Observe the angle code.

If the door and window use an integral corner code that needs to be driven into the dowel, then it is very likely that it is a real glue injection. If it is just an ordinary aluminum corner code, the possibility of it being glued is very small.

3. Observe the glue used during installation.

The door and window glue is made of two-component angle glue instead of ordinary glass glue. When installing doors and windows, you need to pay attention to whether the injected glue is a real corner glue.

4. Look at the thickness of the corner code.

The corner code must reach a certain thickness to achieve glue injection. Usually, only corners thicker than 3mm are true glue.

5. Observe whether the entire cavity is filled with glue.

During the glue injection process, the entire cavity needs to be filled with glue. Therefore, 99% of the glue can only be seen but not glued, and 99% are fake glue injection. This method can identify the situation that some merchants have applied a little glue on the surface of the glue injection hole.

Through the above five steps, it can help us to distinguish whether the door and window adopts the real glue injection process. Of course, for the door and window products of big brands, glue injection has become a basic technological level. For example, Baydee's glue injection technology has developed to the third generation.

In addition to the glue injection process, in order to choose a reliable system window product, you also need to pay attention to aluminum alloy profiles, hardware products, glass, as well as sealing strips and heat insulation strips, which together determine the structural strength, Sealing and thermal insulation.

In terms of system window profiles, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the cavity design of the profiles, but also to the wall thickness of the profiles. Usually, the profiles of the system windows are made of broken bridge aluminum structure. Baydee has created a double broken bridge profile structure, which has more outstanding sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

Choosing doors and windows is choosing life. It must have both quality and taste. Only the system window with real glue injection can make our living space more comfortable.