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How to choose soundproof doors and windows to be effective?


Nowadays, many people are troubled by the poor sound insulation of windows in their homes, especially the owners of the community who live on the bottom floor or pick up on the road, and are often awakened by the sound of horns outside the windows and the sound of passers-by talking. Therefore, in order to better enable us to have a comfortable sleep quality, how can we ensure the sound insulation of windows, let us study together below!

1. Select the window frame

At this stage, the window frame is generally made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, but the aluminum alloy profiles are all single-cavity, relatively thin, and the sound is very easy to pass through. However, the plastic-steel profile has multiple inner cavities, and it is thicker than the aluminum profile, and the actual effect of sound insulation is also very good.

2. Sound insulation laminated glass

Sound insulation laminated glass includes insulating glass window, vacuum glass, and laminated glass. The most widely used are laminated glass and vacuum glass. If the building in the home is higher than 20 floors, and there are no large and medium-sized cars around, you can choose to use laminated glass and insulating glass windows, and the actual effect of sound insulation is not bad. Vacuum glass is the basic principle that the application of vacuum pump cannot transmit sound. It is used to deal with noise of various frequencies. After installation, the noise can be reduced by 30 to 40 sound shells. If the building at home is close to an overpass or there is a low-frequency noise source nearby, you can consider the application of composite three-layer sound insulation laminated glass or vacuum glass, so that the noise problem can be completely solved.

3. Use soundproof strips

Aluminum alloy window frames are generally made of plastic sound insulation strips or material sound insulation strips, but the plastic is very easy to harden and age when it is used for a long time through rain and wind, and the material insulation strips are very easy to lose hair after a long time. The strips must maintain ductility and age resistance. Nowadays, there is an imported sound insulation strip on the market. The inside is made of sound-absorbing cotton, and the outside is encapsulated by the leather material, which controls the ductility and is not easy to age, and ensures the airtightness of the sound leakage point of the window frame.

4. Install soundproof windows

Another is that we can install soundproof windows immediately. Nowadays, two-layer hollow windows are generally used for sound insulation. These two-layer hollow windows can block traffic noise. If you feel that adding a layer of soundproof windows to your home is not very good for natural ventilation, we can remove the original windows and change them into a layer of low-frequency soundproof windows.

5. Do a good job of sealing

When you install windows, there will always be some small gaps around the windows, and you must use structural adhesive to glue the surrounding areas. If you want to do it almost perfectly, you must ask professional technicians to complete the actual operation.