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How to choose soundproof windows?


Nowadays, there are not many soundproof windows in the soundproof window market. Most of them are shop-type businesses under the banner of soundproof windows. There is no guarantee for such soundproof windows, because they are just like ordinary windows, and they leave directly after installation. , Many customers found that after installing the so-called "soundproof windows", the effect is still not achieved, and the things are similar, and the price is much more expensive than ordinary windows, which is annoyed by many customers who have done it, so, To make soundproof windows, you need to find a professional soundproof window company, because they have a real business model and management system. The company that really makes soundproof windows will sign an effect guarantee contract with you, and then check whether the guaranteed effect is achieved before and after installation. If you don't charge any deposit, it is the best. Big brand soundproof windows have model rooms for customers to experience the soundproofing effect. Because, the customer is most concerned about whether the sound insulation effect after installation is satisfactory. While the effect is guaranteed, the price is the key. Many customers have not explained their noise situation clearly when inquiring, so they listen to the salesman's recommendation to do the so-called best sound insulation and the most expensive one. In fact, it is not the case. The noise level and type of the customer's house, the surrounding buildings and other factors are different, so the soundproof windows required are different, not the most expensive, the best soundproofing effect is what you want to install, and the one that suits your home is the best Yes, the noise in each customer's home is different. What customers need to remember is that in the acoustic standard, the national standard zero level is below 40 decibels. As long as the soundproof window can reach below 40 decibels indoors, it is a good soundproof window. Smart customers It doesn't take long to know how to choose the soundproof window that's right for you. It is not just a matter of choosing a good soundproof window. In a long period of time, whether the soundproof window can withstand the test is also of great concern to customers. Because there are many factors for soundproofing, the soundproof window is not only soundproof glass, outer frame profile or seal. Bars, hardware, etc. are all very critical. If inferior profiles or accessories are used, not only the sound insulation effect cannot be guaranteed, but there will be large and small problems during use, so the correct understanding and selection depends on the customer. Enhanced knowledge in this area. The post-installation security and maintenance of soundproof windows is a service that customers should have during use. When signing a contract, this is a must, so that customers can use it with confidence.