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How to choose doors and windows to be truly soundproof?


In order to reduce noise pollution in the city, the government has taken a number of measures to alleviate the noise problem to a certain extent, but many citizens are still not satisfied. Pursuing a quieter living environment, choosing some effective sound insulation materials, and "arming one's own house" have become a concern of many citizens. Soundproof windows and doors can help you isolate all kinds of interruptions and restore peace to your home. So how to choose soundproof doors and windows?

First, the sound insulation effect of ordinary doors and windows

1. Plastic-steel doors and windows At present, there are various styles of plastic-steel doors and windows. In addition to the traditional inner and outer casement, push-pull and folding, there are also inner casement upper-hung doors and windows, push-pull upper-hung doors and windows, and push-pull lower-hung doors and windows. In terms of color, the common plastic steel doors and windows on the market are mostly white, because white or gray PVC profiles have good weather resistance and light stability. Although the price is higher, the market potential is still huge. The plastic steel doors and windows have good sealing performance and ensure the sound insulation effect. But it also brings the weakness of insufficient air circulation. In response to this situation, the manufacturer developed a ventilator used when closing the window, which not only does not affect the sound insulation, but also ensures the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. The ventilator can be installed between the window and the window line without taking up space. Prices range from 1,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, depending on quality and specifications. If you want to open and close the window regularly, you can choose the new timing automatic switch on the market. Its price is about 2000 yuan. It can be found in large building materials centers such as Mercure. At present, the prices of plastic steel doors and windows on the market vary. The cheap plastic steel windows are only three or two hundred per square meter, and the expensive imported products can reach more than 1,000 yuan. The price of plastic steel doors also varies greatly, ranging from a few hundred yuan to three thousand yuan.

2. Aluminum alloy windows New aluminum doors and windows Generally people think that the sound insulation effect of aluminum doors and windows is not good, but in fact, the new aluminum doors and windows have made great improvements in sealing and sound insulation performance. The sound insulation performance of windows is mainly due to the sound insulation effect of the glass that accounts for about 80% of the area, followed by the sealing performance of doors and windows. Some aluminum door and window products on the market use different glass composite structures to enhance the sound insulation effect according to the resonance transmission principle of sound waves and coupling. In terms of the air tightness of doors and windows, the use of high-quality adhesive strips and plastic sealing accessories has also largely solved the problem of poor sealing performance of aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum doors and windows have strong coloring ability. After special processing, they can make imitation wood grain and imitation granite, so that the appearance of doors and windows is more beautiful and colorful, which is suitable for people's different decorative requirements. Consumers can choose products of different grades and price points according to different practical requirements, and the price range is about 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan.

Second, the purchase of soundproof doors and windows

1. Window frame developers generally use aluminum alloys, but aluminum alloys are single-chamber with relatively thin walls, and the sound is easy to penetrate, while the multi-cavity of plastic-steel profiles has thicker walls than aluminum alloys, and the sound is not good. Easy to penetrate.

2. Most of the sound insulation strip developers choose aluminum alloy window frames with rubber sound insulation strips or wool sound insulation strips, but wool sound insulation strips are easy to depilate after a long time. Aging, so the sound insulation strip should not only prevent aging but also maintain toughness. At present, there is an imported sound insulation strip on the market. The outside is wrapped with leather material, and the inside is made of sound-absorbing cotton, which maintains toughness and is not easy to age, and ensures the sealing of the sound leakage point of the window frame.

3. The most important "soundproof glass" in the market now mainly includes insulating glass, laminated glass, and vacuum glass. The first two prices range from more than one hundred to more than seven or eight thousand. I won't say more about the glass of one or two hundred, because the sound insulation effect of street stalls is not guaranteed. Companies specializing in soundproof doors and windows are mostly laminated glass and insulating glass. This kind of glass effect is OK, but it is not ideal for dealing with low-frequency noise caused by large vehicles or fast vehicles. Vacuum glass uses the principle that vacuum cannot transmit sound, and can reduce noise by 30-40 decibels after installation. For those with high floors, such as above 20 floors and there are no trains or large trailers nearby, you can consider choosing insulating glass or laminated glass; for those with low floors and close to the road or viaduct and low-frequency noise sources nearby, you should consider using vacuum glass. , so as to completely solve the noise problem.

4. After the installation is completed, the sealing of the surrounding frame will leave some small gaps around the window frame when it is used as a soundproof window, so after installation, you must use glass glue to glue the surrounding area of ​​the window. The sealing around it seems simple, but it still needs to be done by a professional master to make it perfect. Of course, when choosing soundproof doors and windows, you must pay attention to small skills. For example, if you have furniture, it is best to use some wood. Wooden furniture generally has a certain sound-absorbing function; lay some carpets indoors, especially thicker carpets have sound-absorbing effects. Very strong; rubber pads can be placed under the foot of the bed, which reduces the resonance caused by passing vehicles, which is also a good way of sound insulation; put the cabinet on the wall facing the noise source, so that the noise from the resonance of the wall enters the room It's time to go past the closet. Of course, for newly renovated families, you can consider raising the floor (similar to Japanese tatami). This can effectively isolate the wall resonance from the ground. At the same time, hang some decorations on the wall, so that the sound can be reflected in different directions, and the echo will be less. Soundproof doors and windows are still very helpful to everyone. I hope that owners can choose soundproof doors and windows that suit them when decorating their houses.

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