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How to choose windows with sound insulation function?


1. If a soundproof window needs to be installed in the bedroom, a push-pull soundproof window can be installed on the inside of the original window. The two windows are closed at the same time, and the soundproof effect has been achieved very good. Sliding soundproof windows are cheaper than other types of soundproof windows, and this approach is the most cost-effective approach.

2. If the balcony needs to install soundproof windows, it is recommended to choose casement aluminum alloy soundproof windows. The soundproof effect of casement windows is better than that of push-pull ones. Generally, only one soundproof window can be installed on the balcony to meet the needs. The price of casement soundproof windows is slightly more expensive than that of sliding soundproof windows, but the sound insulation effect is better.

3. If the heat insulation function is required, the aluminum alloy profile can be replaced with broken bridge aluminum.

4. If the area is particularly sensitive to sound insulation and the noise is extremely strong, then you can choose the ultra-high sound insulation window of four-layer laminated glass. This kind of sound insulation window has the best sound insulation, but the price is also higher.

5. If you are more concerned about air quality, you can choose ventilation and soundproof windows. The price is also more expensive than other types of soundproof windows. In short, weigh the pros and cons, enlarge the points you care about, ignore the items you don’t care about, and choose the most suitable one.