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How to choose soundproof windows?


1. Request a sound insulation test report. Ask the manufacturer for a sound insulation test report from a qualified unit to understand the sound insulation of its sound insulation windows. According to your own economic situation and actual needs, generally the higher the sound insulation, the higher the price of the sound insulation window, but the sound insulation should not be less than 30dB.

2. Compared with ordinary doors and windows, sound insulation windows are different in material selection and process. The glass, sealing materials and profiles used in sound insulation windows with high sound insulation capacity can only be finalized after repeated tests and inspections. Manufacturers should have production capacity. The technology and engineering performance of the sound insulation window, if necessary, visit the other party's engineering sample.

3. At present, some manufacturers on the market use the process of three-layer glass and two-layer cavity in order to improve the sound insulation of doors and windows. The improvement of sound insulation is not obvious after testing. If the mass density remains unchanged, the change of the air sound insulation layer will inevitably affect its sound insulation. . The added third glass interferes with the air-borne sound insulation performance of the hollow glass cavity, and the sound insulation capacity decreases. It is suggested that this process should not be used for sound insulation windows, and the supplier should be inquired clearly.

4. Vacuum glass is a good sound insulation and energy saving material, and its sound insulation performance is also very good. The use of vacuum glass for sound insulation windows is only an ideal practice. The current vacuum glass is two layers of 5mm thick flat glass, and the middle vacuum layer is 0.38mm. Double layers of 5mm thick flat glass will be sucked together under vacuum, so when producing vacuum glass, some tiny supports should be lined between double or triple layers of glass. Although these supports become sound bridges for sound transmission, these Supported in a window only occupies one thousandth of the area, which is almost negligible, and most of the vacuum parts can isolate the noise, so no matter what kind of soundproof window, it is impossible to completely isolate all the noise. When choosing a soundproof window, you must look at the quality of the vacuum glass.

5. Check the sealing tape. The quality of the sealing strip directly affects the sound insulation of the sound insulation window. The sealing strip should be made of soft, elastic and anti-aging materials, but the function of the sealing strip is to seal, and the window does not leak sound. It is impossible to rely on the rubber strip to improve the sound insulation of the window. . In order to prevent the sound insulation window from leaking from the gap, the sealing strip of the window should be closed, and there should be no gaps in the four corners. If there are gaps, it will also cause sound leakage.

6. The choice of sound insulation. When choosing a sound insulation window, it should be noted that the sound insulation amount exceeds 40dB, and the sound insulation amount of the frequency with the lowest sound insulation amount is not less than 35dB. The double-layer sound insulation window is adopted, the outer window is rotated downward, and the inner window is flat. The sound insulation capacity of this structure can reach more than 50dB, and the sound environment of the room will be greatly improved after treatment.

7. The manufacturer is required to test the environmental noise sources of the residence. In order to make the living environment have an obvious effect by replacing the sound insulation windows, the manufacturer should be required to detect the environmental noise sources where the owners live. Although they are all roads, the road grades are different, and the road traffic noise in urban and suburban areas is very different. Soundproof windows are not what many businesses say, no matter what kind of environment they can do, the sound leakage of the walls of some buildings is very serious, even if the best soundproof windows are used, the sound insulation effect will not be good.

8. Be sure to sign the contract. When signing the contract, the noise reduction decibel of the soundproof window, the achievable indoor acoustic environment and after-sales maintenance services must be included in the contract.