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The role of soundproof glass windows? How to choose soundproof glass windows correctly?


First, the role of soundproof glass windows:

1. Reduce noise.

2. Reduce heat conduction

3. Prevent condensation

4. Protect the environment

5. Good for health

Second, the advantages of soundproof glass windows:

1. Good sealing

2. Double the life of the original window

3. Reduce dust penetration

4. Block UV rays

5. Good windproof and waterproof performance

Third, the correct purchase of soundproof glass windows:

1. Material selection of soundproof glass window: The glass material of soundproof glass window is divided into ordinary glass, insulating glass, multi-layer insulating glass and vacuum glass, etc. Among these types of glass, vacuum glass has the best sound insulation effect, because vacuum glass is a combination of two. The pieces of glass are separated, and the air in the middle is evacuated, and a vacuum layer is formed between the glasses, which uses the principle that sound cannot be transmitted in a vacuum for sound insulation; insulating glass can only isolate high-frequency or low-energy noise, and it is not suitable for low-frequency or low-energy noise. Large noise, the sound insulation effect is not very good; while the sound insulation effect of multi-layer insulating glass is general, but it is very safe and not easy to break. It depends on the living environment. If the floor is high and there are no trains, large trailers, etc. nearby, you can consider choosing insulating glass or laminated glass; while the floor is low and close to the road or near the viaduct and low-frequency noise sources nearby, It is necessary to consider using vacuum glass, so as to better solve the noise problem.

2. Selection of sealing of soundproof glass windows: sealing refers to the degree of sealing of windows, including the sealing of glass and frame, the sealing of frame and frame after closing the window, and the sealing of window and wall after installation, etc., which together affect the sealing of windows. sealing performance. It is the sealing strip that determines the degree of window sealing. At present, there are two main types of sealing strips on the market, one is wool sealing strip, and the other is rubber sealing strip. The wool sealing strip is easy to depilate after a long time, which greatly reduces the sealing effect; while the rubber sealing strip is easy to harden and age after being exposed to wind, sun and rain, which will also reduce the sealing effect. 3. Quality selection of soundproof glass windows: a. Look at the materials, including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, whether the color is consistent, and whether the hardware assembly is complete. b. Look at the processing, high-quality aluminum alloy windows, fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should be no obvious gaps during the splicing process, and the switch should be smooth. c. Look at the glass to see if it is insulating glass and whether it has a coating. The composite coating is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and its high gloss. d. Look at the size to see if the window size is correct and in line with the size of your own window.

4. Misunderstandings in the purchase of soundproof glass windows:

1. The wider the thickness of the hollow layer of the soundproof glass, the better? Generally, it should be about 6 mm, 9 mm or 1.2 cm. A hollow layer that is too small or too large has little basic meaning.

2. Install an additional layer of the same insulating glass window, the sound will be reduced by half compared to the current sound? This is a common-sense misconception that the more the voice tries to descend, the more difficult it becomes. In fact, the physical characteristics of the sound insulation limit of insulating glass are certain. Even if a few more layers of insulating glass are added, it is difficult to reduce the sound. Any noise that breaks through the sound insulation limit of insulating glass can also be easily broken by adding a layer of insulating glass. This is also the reason why many people try to save money and then install relatively cheap insulating glass, but it is difficult to achieve a good sound insulation effect.

3. The sound insulation effect of vacuum glass must be the best? Many consumers think that the vacuum sound insulation effect is excellent, which is also a misunderstanding. Although vacuum can prevent sound transmission, according to the test, in order to ensure the vacuum layer, the vacuum glass adds invisible solid support brackets between the glasses, so solid sound transmission is formed, so the sound insulation effect is not as good as imagined. . Moreover, the cost of vacuum glass is very high, and the price per square meter can reach 1200-1400 yuan. Besides, there are many fakes and real ones in the market. At present, only 2 domestic manufacturers can produce qualified vacuum glass. The probability of buying real vacuum glass As you can imagine.