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How can I make my windows soundproof?


For owners who live on the side of the road, the most annoying thing is the impact of noise. If the sound insulation of the windows is not done well, the situation of noise pollution will be more serious. How to improve window sound insulation? Baydee uPVC Profile has six tips to recommend to everyone.

1. Stick the sound insulation film. Now there are professional sound insulation films on the market. These sound insulation films have a multi-layer structure, and the sound insulation resin is sandwiched in the middle by the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. The sound insulation film is used on the window. The high-performance film sandwiched in the middle of the film also has visible light transmission performance, which will not hinder the visible light transmission rate of the window and ensure a clear line of sight.

2. Install soundproof seals. The sound insulation seal is mainly used for poorly sealed windows. The price is very affordable. The first thing to determine is whether the poor sound insulation effect is caused by the large gap in the window, otherwise it will not work. The sealing strip is to block the gap of the window, similar to the effect of sound insulation cotton.

3. Install soundproof curtains. After the soundproof curtain protrudes from the curtain box installed on the top of the inner frame beam installed on the window, passes through the curtain chute, and the bottom edge of the curtain enters the curtain bottom groove, which can completely close the window and achieve the effect of completely sealing the window with curtains and sound insulation. .

4. Install soundproof windows. Soundproof windows are usually composed of double or triple layers of homogeneous glass or different thicknesses of glass and window frames, and the glass used is thicker than ordinary window glass. The price range is 800 yuan / square meter - 1300 yuan / square meter, and the price of the ventilation device is higher. When selecting, ask the merchant for a test report to check its sound insulation. Moreover, it is best to determine the sound insulation effect to be achieved after the installation of sound insulation windows with the merchant in the contract.

5. Install ordinary plastic-steel windows. This method is more suitable for the situation where the outdoor traffic noise is not very serious and the windowsill of the house is relatively wide. A layer of ordinary plastic steel windows should be installed on the inside or outside of the previous windows. Plastic steel windows should be selected with good sealing, and the cavity distance between the two layers of windows should be greater than 10 cm. The sealing of casement windows is better than that of sliding windows, so it is best to choose casement windows for additional windows.

6. The windows are converted into soundproof windows. If the windowsill of the house is relatively narrow or a single layer of soundproof windows will affect the ventilation performance, you can choose to remove the previous windows and refit a layer of low-frequency soundproof windows. Although there are also double-layer hollow windows for sound insulation, the sound insulation effect is slightly worse than that of installing a single layer of sound insulation windows.

Here are six tips to improve the sound insulation of windows. In fact, the most cost-effective method is to put sound insulation film on the glass first, then put a sealing strip on the window gap, and then change to a curtain with good sound insulation effect, not only Simple to operate and cheap.