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Do soundproof windows really work?


For many low-rise homeowners living on the side of the road, noise pollution is a headache, so soundproof windows are very popular in the market. But there are also many people who have doubts about soundproof windows and feel that their effect is not ideal. Are soundproof windows useful? Let's take a look!

Soundproof windows are still very useful, because they are made of several layers of materials or glass, and a special soundproof layer is formed in the middle, which has the function of effectively blocking noise out of the window. In addition, special materials are added during the processing of such windows, and the accessories and window frames are also subjected to strict edge-sealing treatment to make the sound insulation effect more prominent.

However, from the perspective of performance, the soundproof window is not the thicker the material or the glass layer, the better, that is, the number of multiple layers. Once the number of layers is too many, it will naturally affect the sound insulation effect of the window. In the building materials market, it is not difficult to see that there are three-layer sound insulation windows for sale, but the sound insulation effect of such products is not ideal. This is mainly because most of these sound insulation windows use insulating glass. Without sufficient density and sound insulation layer, the sound insulation performance of the window will eventually be affected.

On the whole, if the soundproof window is produced and processed with multi-layer glass, not only the soundproof effect is not ideal, but also the technological level will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we still seldom see this kind of soundproof window products in the market, there is no outstanding advantage, and the promotion scope is not very large. Nowadays, double-layer soundproof windows have flooded into the market in large numbers, and are very popular among owners. The thickness is not only thin, but also has a good barrier effect on noise pollution. Whether it is the noise from vehicles or train noise, it has a good effect. governance.

In addition, the soundproof window produced by vacuum glass processing is also very effective, because no sound can be transmitted in a vacuum. The vacuum glass soundproof window uses this to reduce the noise decibel, so as to achieve the effect of blocking noise. This kind of soundproof window can reduce 40 decibels, which is very suitable for places with serious noise pollution, that is, low-rise buildings, while insulating glass soundproof windows are more suitable for high-rise buildings and spaces where noise pollution is relatively less serious.