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How to choose the right sliding window?


A smart sliding door allows the space to freely choose to hide or open, making the living room look lighter. The transparent and bright sliding door allows you to enjoy the sun and scenery.

As a "must-have" for home improvement, sliding doors are often used in balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. The quality of sliding doors is also related to the quality of daily life. So, how to choose high-quality sliding doors to create a textured home?

01 Look at the profile section

The profiles of sliding doors on the market are divided into two types: primary aluminum and recycled aluminum. In order to reduce costs, general brands use recycled aluminum, which reduces the toughness and service life.

The profiles of high-quality sliding doors are made of titanium, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, which have great advantages in toughness. Baydee doors and windows are made of high-quality virgin aluminum, which is better in terms of toughness and longevity.

02 Listen to the vibration of the pulley

The sliding door has two sets of pulleys, upper and lower. Unsmooth pulleys will cause noise and vibration. However, the sliding window is not as smooth and lighter as possible when sliding. High-quality sliding windows should have a certain weight when sliding, smooth and without vibration.

Some Baydee products use high-quality pulleys, which are stable, safe, noise-free, and quality guaranteed.

03 Choose safety glass

The quality of the glass directly determines the quality of the door. The glass in the sliding door should occupy the majority. The sliding door is best to use the national 3C certified tempered glass, which is strong, durable, impact-resistant, does not hurt when broken, and has a high safety factor.

Baydee uses 3C certified automotive-grade double-layer tempered glass, which is safe and explosion-proof, sound insulation and heat insulation.

04 Safety buffer

When some sliding doors are closed with too much force, there will be ricocheting, hitting the door frame, and sometimes accidentally pinching fingers, which is a safety hazard for families with children, so the buffer design of sliding doors is very important.

The Baydee door and window sliding door can be equipped with a buffer. When the door is opened or closed, the door will automatically buffer and close to achieve a slow, uniform and quiet closing, effectively preventing the door from jumping and rebounding when opening and closing. Happening.