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upvc sliding windows knowledge explanation


01 Q: What types of upvc sliding windows are there?

The most common and most installed one is the double-track left and right translation sliding doors and windows.
In order to meet the differentiated needs, some inverting translation windows, up and down folding upvc sliding windows, and sliding hinged doors all belong to the category of upvc sliding windows.

02 Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of upvc sliding windows?

Taking the left and right sliding sliding doors and windows as an example, it does not occupy indoor space, and has 50% of the ventilation area after opening, with a wide field of vision, and there is no need to worry about the window sash blocking the air intake.

However, its overall sealing performance is poor, the track is easy to accumulate dust, and it is inconvenient to clean, and when the window sash is designed more, the visible area of ​​the aluminum profile will become large, which affects the vision and aesthetics.

03 Q: What kind of places are different upvc sliding windows suitable for?

If it is a sliding sliding door and window left and right, its price will be relatively affordable, and the opening hole is large, and the ventilation effect is very good. Without considering thermal insulation or sound insulation, it can be used as a balcony partition door or window.

For example, inward-opening sliding windows are more suitable for bedrooms, study rooms or living rooms with high demands for airtightness, sound insulation and heat insulation. They are not only well ventilated, but also do not have the problem of collision when they are opened inwards.

The up and down type upvc sliding windows should be familiar to those who often watch American dramas. This type of window is suitable for places with narrow and small openings, so it is more suitable to install them in places with limited space such as kitchens, walkways, and bathrooms.

04 Q: Why is the sealing performance of upvc sliding windows generally poor?

Because upvc sliding windows need to slide, gaps are inevitably left between the sash and the track; and compared with the sealing strips used for casement doors and windows, the sealing of upvc sliding windows mostly relies on wool strips, so the sealing performance is relatively poor, and the sound insulation is relatively low. And the effect of heat insulation is also poor.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose high-quality tops when purchasing to improve sealing. For example, Hennessy doors and windows use siliconized tops, which are not only crisp, durable, but also non-absorbent, which can greatly improve windproof, dust-proof and sealing effects.

05 Q: What should I pay attention to when buying?
Or take the sliding doors and windows of left and right translation as an example. When purchasing, choose windows with high and low rails, flat rails or doors with low rails as much as possible.

Because the upvc sliding windows of the high and low rails can block the wind and rain, it can avoid the seepage of the windowsills in heavy rain; while the sliding doors of the flat rails or the low rails are mostly installed indoors, it is not easy to bump in and out, and it is more convenient to clean.

When buying, push and pull several times to see if it is smooth; it also depends on whether the top is topped, whether there is a windproof block at the top or bottom between the two sashes, and so on.