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How to choose upvc sliding windows and what aspects should be paid attention to?


upvc sliding windows, refers to the windows that are driven by external force to roll the sash pulley to make the sash slide open on the frame track. According to the number of sash pages, it can be divided into single sash, double sash or multiple sashes. The opening method is usually left and right pushing and pulling. .

Upvc sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price and good sealing. Using high-grade slide rails, it can be opened flexibly with a slight push. Coupled with large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easy to be damaged, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent.

Upvc sliding windows have a wide range of applications. They can be seen in kitchens, balconies, and bathrooms... But there are also many series of upvc sliding windows. How can we choose a good upvc sliding window when decorating? That has to be from the following four aspects.

01.upvc sliding windows profile

When purchasing, the merchant should show the section of the product profile to understand the real material. Storefronts generally have finished products of upvc sliding windows on display. Hold the frame of the sliding door and shake it to see if the deformation is severe. If there is serious deformation, it is likely to fall out of the upvc sliding windows track frame, which is very dangerous. It is recommended to use profiles with a wall thickness of more than 1.4mm to be more secure.

02. Pulley

In order to push and pull the window sash smoothly, smoothly, safely, and without noise, a good set of pulleys is essential, and the outer wheel and bearing of the pulley determine the overall quality of the pulley.

The bearing material of the pulley is also very different. The high-quality pulley bearing is made of stainless steel. The bearing is installed tightly and has no noise when sliding. The higher-grade pulley can also adjust the height to make up the distance between the door and the track, so that the door and the track are connected. tighter.

03. Rails

According to the track division, upvc sliding windows can be divided into single track, double track, triple track, etc. The difference in the number of tracks is the number of sashes. Generally, three track upvc sliding windows have one more track than double track because of the window screen.

04. Top detail

When choosing upvc sliding windows, we need to pay attention to whether the top of the product fits well: if it is too short, there will be gaps, and if it is worn, it will not be worn; if it is too long, it will affect the daily push and pull; in addition, we also need to see whether the wool of the top is uniform, dense and tufted. upright.
High-quality tops should be firmly bonded, have high resilience, and have no defects such as lack of hair, deformation or unevenness.

05. Glass

The glass of upvc sliding windows accounts for most of the whole window, so the choice of glass quality is very important. Don't be greedy and choose common glass for upvc sliding windows on the market, with a single layer thickness of about 5 mm. This glass is cheap, but its heat resistance and impact resistance are not enough.

High-strength double-layer tempered glass can be used. This kind of glass has strong hardness and is not easy to break, and after breaking, it is granular and does not hurt people. It has excellent overall strength, impact resistance, and thermal insulation performance. It is a very good choice for windows.