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Choose casement windows or upvc sliding windows?


There are many types of windows. Now the most common ones are casement windows and upvc sliding windows. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two windows? Next, Baydee will analyze and analyze it carefully based on the collected data.

The biggest difference between casement windows and upvc sliding windows is that the structure is different. Casement windows move back and forth, while upvc sliding windows move up and down or left and right. Their advantages and disadvantages are all based on different structures.

1. Sound insulation

Resting at home requires a relatively quiet environment, so the sound insulation effect is often the first consideration for many families when choosing windows. A quiet environment depends on two things: outdoor noise and sound insulation. If the outdoor noise is small, such as the house is located in the middle of the community, or only faces the internal road, and there is not much noise pollution, there is no need to over-consider the sound insulation in this case. On the contrary, if the house is next to a main road, viaduct, or there is a school or commercial street next to it, sound insulation is very important.

The difference between the sound insulation effect of windows

Different ways of opening windows lead to different sound insulation effects. Casement windows rely on locking hardware locks to close the windows. After the windows are closed, they are sealed with adhesive strips. With the broken bridge structure and insulating glass, a very good sound insulation effect can be achieved. According to the author's actual measurement, the casement and broken bridge windows can reduce noise by 30-40 decibels (about 75 decibels outdoors and 35 decibels indoors), and the normal rest environment should not be higher than 40 decibels.

Little knowledge: Broken bridge is also called "break heat and cold bridge", which means to disconnect the aluminum alloy window structure from the middle and connect it into one through nylon heat insulation strips. Compared with pure aluminum alloy, rubber strip + insulating glass + heat insulation strip can effectively improve the sound insulation effect.

Due to its own structural problems, upvc sliding windows are equipped with rollers and rails at the top and bottom for the convenience of pushing and pulling. You can use a lighter to test the sealing effect of the upvc sliding windows. If there is a slight air leakage phenomenon after the upvc sliding windows are closed, it means that the sealing effect is not good. However, the better quality upvc sliding windows can also achieve 20-30 decibels of noise reduction. It doesn't matter if the outdoor noise is not too big.

2. Price

The effect of the decoration depends on the budget. If the budget is limited but the investment in other decoration projects is too much, you have to consider the cost-effectiveness of windows. After all, every point can be saved. (It is recommended that for houses with a lot of outdoor noise, do not set the window budget too low when making a decoration budget, because a quiet resting environment is really too important).

window price difference

In addition to the window frame, the casement window also needs to make an additional opening fan. The opening fan needs to use more aluminum alloy materials, and also needs hardware such as hinges and handles, and the production cost is higher. Therefore, in general, when making casement windows, the cost of opening the fan will be calculated additionally. For each additional side of the opening fan, an additional amount of money must be paid.

The structure of upvc sliding windows is simpler, the alloy material is saved, and the demand for hardware accessories is also less. On average, the price of upvc sliding windows will be 15%-30% lower than that of casement windows.

3. Beautiful

Aesthetics is a matter of opinion. Upvc sliding windows are more concise and elegant, but casement windows are more suitable for large-area floor-to-ceiling glass viewing windows.

The difference in window aesthetics

From the appearance point of view, the area of ​​the opening fan of the casement window is generally relatively small, and the structure is relatively complex. If the window itself is not large, opening the fan will affect the transparency of the window's view. On the contrary, if the window area is large, it is made into a casement window, and the open fan area accounts for a small proportion, so that more space can be reserved for a large area of ​​floor-to-ceiling glass, and the middle frame is omitted, and the overall vision effect is better.

The sash structure of upvc sliding windows is simple and can be made large. Using upvc sliding windows can improve the permeability. However, upvc sliding windows require a bottom support structure, and large-area windows use upvc sliding windows, and the middle support structure will affect the integrity of the field of view.

4. Safety

The central role of windows is to protect indoor safety. Extreme weather must be able to protect against storms and snow, and it must also play a role in preventing theft. In places with frequent extreme weather, or low-rise residents, it is even more important to consider the safety of windows.

Differences in window security

The safety of windows depends on two things: window construction and window material. In the case of the same broken bridge aluminum window material, the structural safety of the casement window is higher. As mentioned earlier, casement windows have better air-tightness and water-tightness. When encountering stormy weather, the structure of casement windows is more stable and difficult to be blown. Under the protection of sealing strips, rainwater will basically not infiltrate. The upvc sliding windows need to be pushed and pulled left and right, so the sash and the window cannot be closely combined. Individual upvc sliding windows with poor quality will shake when the wind is strong, and water seepage is more common.

In addition, the hardware of the casement window is hidden inside, and the hardware cannot be moved from the outside after it is closed, that is to say, it is basically impossible to open the window from the outside, unless violent destruction, the anti-theft effect is better. If the casement window is used together with the diamond mesh screen window, the anti-theft effect can be further improved. After the upvc sliding windows are closed, they are locked by a lock to prevent sliding left and right. In fact, the lock can be easily opened. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of anti-theft, it is necessary to install guardrails outside the windows.

It should be noted that some inward-opening casement windows will occupy indoor space. If there is no bay window to block, there will be certain safety hazards after opening. If there are children at home, pay attention to prevent children from touching the corner of the window.

5. Ventilation

In the past two years, the epidemic has continued, and it is needless to say how important ventilation is. The main factors affecting indoor ventilation are floor, orientation and house type. In addition to the above factors, the window structure will also affect the ventilation effect.

Differences in the ventilation effect of windows

upvc sliding windows can open windows in a large area. If the ventilation conditions of the house itself are poor, such as low floors or apartment types, opening the windows in hot weather can improve the air convection effect inside and outside.

The size of the opening fan of the casement window is generally not particularly large, which is determined by the relevant safety regulations. Casement windows use a lot of profiles, plus the feature of moving back and forth, the opening fan should not be too large or too heavy. For units with poor permeability, the ventilation effect of casement windows will be relatively weak. However, if it is a mid-to-high floor, the air volume itself is relatively large, and the requirements for the permeability of the windows are not so high. If the apartment type can achieve convection, casement windows are actually not much different from upvc sliding windows. The author's house is on the 12th floor. Usually, as long as there are two windows open, even if they are half-open, the wind will keep blowing into the house.

6. Insulation

The importance of window insulation is easy to be overlooked. Many people think that insulation is not needed in the cold winter in southern regions, but in fact insulation can not only isolate cold, but also insulate. Turn on the air conditioner in summer to isolate the external hot air, and turn on the heating in winter to isolate the external cold air, which greatly saves cooling and heating costs.

The difference in the insulation effect of windows

Now many families will also focus on thermal insulation performance when choosing windows. In terms of thermal insulation, casement windows are better than upvc sliding windows. After the casement window is closed, there is almost no air leakage. The opening fan is not only tightly combined with the window frame, but also has a rubber strip seal between them to prevent heat exchange caused by air flow, thereby achieving better heat insulation effect.

Upvc sliding windows are not sealed enough, and the track gaps at the bottom and top are large, which is prone to air leakage after closing.

Seeing this, you should understand how to choose a window, right? Finally, the above is just Baydee's judgment on the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows and upvc sliding windows. Specific to the purchase of windows, but also pay attention to the type of profile, the thickness of the profile, the number of layers of glass, the type of glass and other factors. These factors will directly affect the quality of the window and the effect you want, remember!