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Seemingly simple upvc sliding windows, there are so many things you don't know?


Doors and windows not only decorate the building and make people living in the house feel comfortable and open, but are also an important part of the building's exterior style and façade effect. Modern doors and windows have formed a wide variety of systems according to different purposes and functional requirements, so how to distinguish these different types of doors and windows?

Different doors and windows can be classified according to performance, purpose of use, structure, and material. Here, from the perspective of users, we use the opening method of doors and windows as the basis for classification.

 Common classification of different windows

Different doors and windows can be classified according to performance, purpose of use, structure, and material. From the perspective of the user, the windows can be classified according to the opening method.

The movable windows we see daily can be summarized as casement windows, upvc sliding windows, and other types. The casement windows can be divided into inner casement windows, outer casement windows, and sliding axis casement windows; upvc sliding windows can be It is divided into upper and lower upvc sliding windows, upvc sliding windows, and lifting upvc sliding windows; in addition, other types of windows include push-pull down-hung windows and folding upvc sliding windows.

In our daily life, we are more widely exposed to the active window, and the active window is the most common upvc sliding window, so this article will focus on this kind of window.

01 About upvc sliding windows?

Upvc sliding windows is a long-established movable window, and in modern residential buildings, sliding is also a common form. Whether it is upvc sliding windows in the bedroom, sliding doors in the living room, up and down upvc sliding windows in the bathroom, etc., they are the most common forms of sliding in practical applications.

Upvc sliding windows are divided into horizontal upvc sliding windows and vertical upvc sliding windows according to different push and pull directions. Horizontal upvc sliding windows need rail grooves on the upper and lower sashes, and vertical upvc sliding windows need pulleys and balance measures.

Upvc sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price and good sealing. Using high-grade slide rails, it can be opened flexibly with a slight push. Coupled with large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easy to be damaged, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent.

02 Basic functions of upvc sliding windows

As one of the commonly used door and window opening forms, upvc sliding windows can meet most of the basic functions of living. In terms of wind and rain protection, the former upvc sliding windows always gave people an uneasy feeling, and the systematically designed upvc sliding windows can solve these problems through rigorous structural design.

03 Security of upvc sliding windows

Security is another key point of door and window product features. One is to ensure that there is no danger caused by improper operation during use, and the other is to avoid the risk of accidental falling off. In both respects, these risks can be avoided through the installation of safety accessories.

Upvc sliding windows are equipped with anti-shedding accessories on the sash, which can prevent the sash from falling off and ensure safety

Open the safety limit lock, upvc sliding windows can open a gap of about 110mm, and then realize the function of micro-ventilation, and can effectively prevent others from entering and leaving, creating a safe and comfortable life.

Push and operate the safety limit crescent lock, the upvc sliding windows can open a gap of about 70mm, which can not only allow micro-ventilation for a long time, but also prevent children from going out to avoid accidents.

04 comfort with upvc sliding windows

The comfort of doors and windows is mainly reflected in the environmental comfort, the use of comfort and the realization of the sense of openness.

The outstanding performance of upvc sliding windows is that it can achieve good thermal insulation performance and sound insulation performance, and its various accessories can also make the operation easier to open.

Different sliding forms, such as lift sliding doors, also perform well in achieving visibility and a sense of openness.

05 Other functions of upvc sliding windows

Since the movement trajectory of upvc sliding windows is pushed and pulled in the window frame, it will not occupy the surrounding space, and will not interfere with interior decoration such as curtains and outdoor sunshade shutters, so the surrounding space of doors and windows can be fully utilized.

In hot summer, products such as upvc sliding windows and screen windows can also achieve a good fit, so as to achieve the role of ventilation and block mosquitoes.

Upvc sliding windows, as the most common form of windows in daily life, can meet basic needs in terms of wind and rain protection, sunlight and light transmission, and can be guaranteed in various ways in terms of safety. It is simple and practical and can be more flexible. Adapt to a variety of auxiliary devices to meet more diverse needs.