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When choosing doors and windows at home, ten pitfalls not to step on


When buying home improvement doors and windows, Xiaobai is most afraid of encountering a black-hearted boss who pretends to be good, pretends to be real, and blindly recommends "fashionable" and expensive ones.

How to avoid such bosses digging pits for you, in addition to forging iron, you need to be hard-knowing that the purchase of doors and windows is based on three aspects: safety, demand, and performance.

Baydee also brought a ten-point guide to "preventing being slaughtered". This article is the guide (below), and there are five points in total:

01 "Internet celebrity window" purchase and think twice

The advantages and disadvantages of net red doors and windows are obvious

Friends who often watch Douyin must have seen some high-value door and window products, such as frameless folding glass windows, framed folding windows, single translation folding windows, old steel windows, narrow frame doors and windows

Compared with conventional doors and windows, Internet celebrity windows have obvious advantages, high appearance and special opening method, which are easy to capture the love of young people.

However, folding windows, narrow frames, and old steel windows generally sacrifice the "five properties of doors and windows" (thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind pressure resistance, water tightness, and air tightness) for the sake of appearance.

Purchasing advice: consider your needs before buying

1. To buy "Internet celebrity window", you can't just buy it just because you like the appearance. It is important to consider the actual situation and usage needs of your own home. For example: Where is the location where "my home" wants to install beautiful doors and windows? Does the future use environment have high performance requirements for doors and windows? Performance and appearance "I" prefer which side.

2. Consider the anti-mosquito problem at the location of the window, "Can this window be installed with screens? Should screens be installed at this window location? How to solve the problem of anti-mosquito?"

3. Do you accept that the net red window is poorly sealed, and there are problems of wind leakage and rain. There are definitely products with a good combination of performance and appearance, but the price will definitely soar. When purchasing, in addition to asking the price, you should ask "What are the problems with the airtightness of this window? What details improve the airtightness of this window?"

4. In terms of durability, "What is the brand of the hardware, pulleys, rubber strips, etc. of this window? How is the quality?"

5. Before paying the money, search online for brand reviews and whether there are any complaints. What is the most complained about? Do "I" care?

02 It is not recommended to buy top-hung windows and outward-opening top-hung windows

What is top hanging and outward opening top hanging

Top-hung window: The hinge (hinge) is installed on the upper side of the window sash. When the top-hung window sash is opened to the outdoor direction, the load and "fulcrum" of the top-hung window sash are on both sides of the hinge and the sash.

This kind of window type is mostly used in some engineering projects, such as hospitals, hotels, apartments, and it is not common in home decoration.

Outward-opening and top-hung: Compared with the top-hung window, there is an outward-opening function, which is realized by rotating the handle 90 ° or 180 ° to drive the transmission hardware.

This type of window is now recommended by many merchants for consumers to buy. "Windows that open inwards take up space, windows that open outwards cannot be opened in rainy days, windows that open outwards and top-hung windows "do not take up space, do not touch corners, are safe, and perform well." , the most important thing is that the ventilation effect is good.』”

Two kinds of top-hung windows are not recommended

For home decoration, the window type of the top-hung window has the advantage that it does not need to be closed in rainy days, but the disadvantage is that the ventilation effect is not as good as other window types, and it is easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean.

Based on Baydee's personal suggestion, unless it is used in places that are not frequently used such as bathrooms and kitchens, it is not recommended for home improvement users to buy.

The top-hung windows open outwards, although it seems to have overcome the above two major problems.

However, because the window sash is outdoors, it is easy to cause dangers such as falling sash due to improper operation when switching between outward opening and upward hanging, or people's "outward probing" movement is too large to cause danger, and the safety is not well guaranteed.

03 Unlimited opening - thought it was very ventilated, but actually spent money to build a wall

Open more fans and higher profits

Baydee often hears fans telling various wonderful cases, among which "unlimited opening" is the most heart-warming.

In most door and window quotation contracts, the opening fan (also called the number of hardware pieces) is billed separately.

Some merchants will play such a routine: quote a lower price for fixed windows (that is, the unit price of doors and windows) to attract customers, and install more unnecessary opening fans for you, or quote a higher price to raise the price. total price.

Some properties will also come to intervene. In order to make the partners (the merchants who contracted the balcony of the community) earn more, they deliberately introduced the "unlimited opening" door and window plan:

How to reasonably design the opening fan

First of all, we must first know that the main function of the door and window opening fan is to exchange air (ventilation) with the outside, but it does not mean that the more it is, the greater the effect.

Generally speaking, when the ratio of ventilation opening area to floor area reaches 5% - 10%, the room can obtain better natural ventilation effect. That is to say, one door is opened in a general room, and two doors are opened in a place with a large living room.

Secondly, understand the ventilation effects of different window types: among windows with different opening methods, the degree of influence on the average concentration of indoor PM 2.5 is as follows: casement windows, sliding windows > bottom-hung windows (opening inward and inward-facing) > top-hung windows. Because the indoor flow field of the casement window is stable, the airflow can carry particles out quickly and smoothly, and the indoor ventilation effect is the best; the upward guiding effect of the top-hung window on the airflow leads to insufficient fresh air in the activity area, making it difficult for the particles in the activity area to be diluted. And exhaust, indoor air quality is poor.

Finally, in a location with a small image area (as shown in the figure below), it is awkward to open one door, but it is too much to open two doors. The width of the door can be increased appropriately. 650 mm - 750 mm is an ideal range.

04 Install auxiliary material pits, don't save money for merchants

As above, installing auxiliary materials may also be a weapon for businesses to make money in disguise.

Take the exterior wall glue as an example. In order to save money, some door and window owners who have no pursuit will not only choose some glue with no quality assurance (the name is called cost saving, but in fact it puts the cart before the horse and reduces the service life)), and may also:

Less glue application (a shallow layer, purely as "decoration" can not achieve the seal), leakage of glue application (the place that should be applied is not fully applied, leaving hidden dangers of water leakage, which is more common in hidden gaps), indiscriminate use of glue ( Some bosses have been in the industry for several years, but they have not even figured out the sealant and structural adhesive, leaving hidden dangers in use and safety).

In addition to glue, door and window owners who have no pursuit will also pay for foaming agents, screws, and expansion screws one by one.

Solving experience

First of all, energetic friends can purchase installation materials to solve the problem by themselves. For sealants, we should look for brands such as Sibao, Zhijiang, Baiyun, Antai, Zhongyuan, Dow Corning (acquired and renamed Taoxi), GE, and Wacker.

The foaming agent must be A1 type, the screw must be stainless steel, and the expansion screw must be nylon expansion screw. Do a lot of searching on forums and online stores to know which brand is good.

Secondly, when purchasing doors and windows, inquire about the merchant's installation quality control capabilities in advance. Ask him what brand of installation materials he uses, and go to the construction site to have a look at it. It is stated in the contract that the supervision can achieve the effect during installation.

05 Design Pit - Ensuring safety and practicality is the premise

At the end of the article, Baydee shares some safe and practical design details to help you avoid unreasonable design and specification pits:

Window type selection: To choose a suitable window type, you need to fully understand: living habits + window environment (ceiling and other home decoration layout, floor heating and other heating and cooling design) + window environment (noise, wind and rain, eaves), etc. Choose push-pull, flat opening, inward opening Inverted.

Outward-opening windows are not suitable for all families: Some bosses in southern regions do not fully understand the needs of users, so they directly recommend outward-opening windows. But it is not the case. For example, the outer eaves of the house are not wide enough, and it is a rainy climate. At the same time, you like to open the windows for a long time for ventilation, so the outward-opening windows are not suitable for the needs of the home. Because when the window is opened on a rainy day, the rainwater is easy to drip onto the window sash, and then splash into the room.

Opening inside and inside should also be done according to the actual situation:

Door and window handle height: The owner of the pit didn’t pay attention to the height of the window sill, and directly designed the handle in the center. After installation, you will find that you have to move a stool and stand on tiptoe to open and close the window. The height of the handle is not fixed, it needs to be determined in combination with the type of ground in the home, the height of the owner and the layout of the window:

Window opening position: Combined with the room furniture, users can choose whether to open the window on the left or right, how many windows to open, etc.;

The position of the waistline should be reasonable: Generally speaking, the height of the waistline of doors and windows is between 1 m and 1.1 m, and it should not be lower because it is necessary to ensure the safety of the person who opens the window. It should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the appearance.

Relationship with indoor layout: If there is a beam (or the height of the beam is very low), if you want to install the tilt-in window and the curtain with the curtain box at the same time, you need to coordinate the relationship between the tilt-in window and the curtain box early.

The problem of the height of the window that opens inward and the height of the suspended ceiling is the same as the problem of the curtain box.

For example, the water pipes in some old residential areas are too low, causing the ceiling and windows to overlap:

Among these ten must-step pits, who do you think is the "King of the Pit"? What pitfalls did my friends encounter when purchasing doors and windows for their homes? Welcome to discuss with Baydee.