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How to distinguish the professionalism of door and window shopping guide?


According to legend, the turnover rate of a door and window store depends on the "professional" level of the shopping guide's speaking skills.

Consumers are willing to trust bosses with a high degree of professionalism because they want to get the most out of their money.

If there is any way to quickly identify whether the professionalism of the shopping guide is real or fake, asking him "what series should I buy for my family's situation" can test one or two.

01 What kind of shopping guide is not professional

At present, the mainstream door and window product series on the market include 60, 65, 70, 80, 108, 130, etc. These series generally refer to the cross-sectional width of doors and windows.

When Door and Window Xiaobai was talking about the "series" with his shopping guide, he was very likely to be misled like this:

Consumer Q: What is the difference between your 70 and 80 series windows?

Shopping guide A: 80 is better than 70.

Consumer Q: What's so good about it?

Shopping guide A: The 80 series is bigger than the 70 series...Consumer Q: I am asking about the performance difference between them!

Shopping guide A:! Say it earlier! The 80 series is definitely better than the 70 in everything. For example, you can talk about sealing performance, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, price, commission, oops! Talk about bald.

There is also this saying:

The windows are wide, the atmosphere is high-value, and it is firm;
Now it is popular to integrate window screens. Look at this 108 / 130 series, which uses a lot of materials, has good performance, and is solid!
The series of large glass is also large, and the performance is of course better;
My 80 series is definitely better than the 70 you just looked at, and the price is a little bit more expensive, but you have to look at the product and performance, as long as you "understand" it!
Unprofessional and unscrupulous door and window shopping guides will mistakenly confuse series with performance: "The series determines the performance of doors and windows, and the big one is the small one, which is better and more expensive."

02 The correct way to open the door and window series

But in fact, the door and window series is mainly a way for each manufacturer to name its different products.

Its size is not a way to directly judge the performance of doors and windows, or the level of value—just like when we buy a refrigerator, although the larger (series) may have better functions or performance, but some brands of small-size refrigerators It can also be good and expensive.

Therefore, a highly professional shopping guide will not recommend to you based on the series, but will recommend based on the actual performance of different products and your needs.

If you ask about the relationship between the series and the performance of doors and windows, he should also answer in this way:

In the same window type of the same brand, the performance of high and low series products can be compared, but the improved performance of high series also depends on the situation:

Situation 1, the series enlargement is mainly achieved by increasing the width of the heat insulation strip: as shown in the figure below, except for the widening of the heat insulation strip connecting the aluminum on both sides of the window, the structure of the rest of the doors and windows basically remains unchanged (the standard glass of different series is different, not in the structure discussed here, the same below)

In this case, the high-series doors and windows mainly improve the heat insulation performance, and the sealing performance is not significantly improved.

Case 2, different series have different structures: as shown in the figure below, the 65 series on the right has an additional seal structure than the 60 series on the left, except for the wider width of the heat insulation strip.

In this case, the overall performance of the high-series doors and windows is more obvious.

Comparing the series of different window types of the same brand, and the comparison of series of different brands, the reference degree is not so great, it mainly depends on the structure.

For example, in a brand, the series of inward-opening and tilt-in windows and the series of integrated window screens, although the series of integrated window screens are large, it is because the screens and sashes share the same track, and the actual heat insulation performance may not be as good as that of tilt-inward windows:

△ At a similar price, the thermal insulation performance of integrated window screening is much worse than other window types due to narrow insulation strips and insufficient sealing

Not to mention the comparison of series of different brands, the key is to compare the width of the insulation strip, whether there is an isothermal layer, the sealing structure, the overlapping amount of the rubber strip, and the configuration of the glass.

If the door and window shopping guide talks to you about the series in this way, his professional knowledge is excellent, and then it is possible to spend his money well.

03 Other Secrets of the  Series

Although the series is just a small way of naming doors and windows, it can actually generate a lot of knowledge points, master them, and arm yourself when purchasing:

1. The width of the series refers generally, some refer to the width of the window frame, and some refer to the width of the window sash, which depends on the manufacturer's naming habits.

The numerical value is not necessarily an exact value, the 60 series refers to the profile width between 60 mm~64 mm, the 65 series refers to the profile width between 65 mm~69 mm, and so on).

2. Users in typhoon areas and high-rise buildings need to use products with better wind pressure resistance, which are related to profile structure, aluminum strength, type of center support, connection process, window type design, etc. I can't believe the shopping guide who said: "Your home is so tall, you should use the 108 series with good windproof"

3. The main reason why the series are so expensive is that more aluminum is used, which increases the cost of manufacturers.

4. If some merchants fool you that "you must use a series of products if you want to use such thick glass", it is recommended to attack him: it should be that you do not have glass pressure lines and adhesive strips of different specifications and widths? I have seen on the Internet that the 60 series can be made of 38 mm thick glass.

5. To a certain extent, a brand has many and complete series of classmates, which can show that it has a large inventory capacity and strong strength.