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Simple understanding of aluminum and wood doors and windows


For those who are changing windows for the first time at home, seeing the various types of doors and windows in the store, they must feel at a loss. In previous articles, Baydee introduced a lot of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Today I will talk about a new friend-aluminum wood doors and windows.

01 Distinguish between aluminum and wood windows

Wooden windows have their own rich and colorful strokes in the history of Chinese doors and windows. Home improvement doors and windows started with wooden windows at the earliest, and then steel windows, aluminum windows, plastic steel windows appeared, and now broken bridge aluminum, aluminum-wood windows.

The aluminum-wood windows that are often said can be divided into three categories: one is aluminum-clad wood, the other is wood-clad aluminum, and the third is solid wood. The names of the three are similar and easy to confuse, but in fact the structure and performance are quite different, so you must understand the differences in advance when purchasing.

(1) Aluminum clad wooden window

The material is less aluminum and more wood. The main structure of the profile is a pure wooden window, and a layer of aluminum alloy profiles will be compounded on the outside of the window. Therefore, aluminum-clad wooden windows mainly retain the characteristics and functions of wooden windows.

(2) Wood-clad aluminum windows

The material is less wood and more aluminum. The aluminum alloy profile becomes the main stress-bearing part, and a layer of wood is compounded on the main aluminum profile, so the characteristics and functions of the aluminum alloy window are mainly retained.

(3) Solid wood windows

As the name suggests, solid wood windows refer to pure wood windows, which are the most expensive and the most troublesome to maintain. Some solid wood windows also have a layer of aluminum alloy on the outside, but strictly speaking it is not an aluminum-wood composite, so it will not be described below.

02 Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum-wood windows

The exterior aluminum is weather-resistant, the interior wood is gorgeous, and the aluminum-wood windows that are both internal and external have not dominated the door and window market. The reason is that the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of aluminum-wood windows are obvious:

The main structure of the aluminum-clad wooden window is wood, with a brand surface and high value, suitable for various decoration styles. Moreover, wood is a poor conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is much lower than that of aluminum alloy and other materials. Therefore, the thermal insulation of aluminum-clad wooden windows is excellent, and the outer aluminum profiles ensure the weather resistance of the windows, which saves wooden windows from being perishable.

Looking at the wood-clad aluminum window, since the main structure is aluminum alloy profiles, while inheriting the appearance of the wooden window, the wood-clad aluminum window is more "approachable" in terms of price; and its strength and rigidity are higher and more secure.

The disadvantage of aluminum-wood windows is that they are expensive: because most of the windows are made of solid wood, the requirements for the equipment of the door and window factory are very high, and the cost of materials and production remains high. Most of the market prices are 1-2 times more expensive than mainstream doors and windows.

Secondly, due to the "high gold content" (expensive) of aluminum and wood windows, the processing technology is simple and rough, and even workshop-style manufacturers who only rely on simple equipment for assembly and painting dare to fish in troubled waters, flooding the market with a large number of high-priced and low-quality products.

Other reasons why it has not become mainstream include: wood is more delicate than metal, and there are great differences between the north and the south of my country. Aluminum and wood windows need to consider maintenance, moth-proof, mildew-proof, frost-proof, and cracking over time; the post-80s and 90s are slow Slowly becoming the mainstream group of home improvement consumers, there is no previous generation of "crazy" for wooden products.

03 How to choose aluminum and wood windows?

For specific selection methods, Baydee will give you a few tips.

Look at the manufacturer (brand), and choose the window first to see the strength of the manufacturer. Except for some well-known big brands, the merchants are required to display the video and photos of the manufacturer. Like broken bridge aluminum manufacturers, the more production equipment the manufacturer has, the higher the degree of automation, and the stronger the storage capacity, the more credible the manufacturer will be.

When buying windows, ask what kind of paint is used. If it is oil-based paint, it must not meet environmental protection standards. Use water-based paint, try to choose a big brand, after all, the use of paint greatly affects the service life of wooden windows. In addition, I would like to ask how many times you have painted the paint. Is there any painting video in the factory? Painting is a very important process for aluminum and wooden windows, and there is a big difference between good and bad.

Ask about wood, the commonly used wood for aluminum-wood windows is pine, oak, etc. The prices of different woods are different, and the suitable environment for use is different. Ask the merchant, "What kind of wood is suitable for aluminum wood here? Why?"; "Is it insect-proof? Is it rain-proof? "

Ask about hardware. Imported hardware and first-tier domestic hardware can ensure the long-term effective use of windows in the future. Ask about the brands of handles and overall hardware.

Look at the rubber strips. The sealing rubber strips must have good toughness and sealing performance. When purchasing, you can directly ask the shopping guide for the material of the rubber strips used, and you can also judge its professionalism and product selection (rubber materials: EPDM, silicone rubber ). The rubber strips at the corner joints should be smooth and docile. Some high-grade aluminum-clad wood doors and windows will use seamlessly welded rubber strips, which can better ensure the watertightness of the windows.

Since the appearance of aluminum-wood windows, they have been positioned in the high-end user group, and the most used ones are villas and the like. But the high price is not the only "obstacle" for the owners when choosing. If aluminum-wood windows can adapt to the younger consumer groups, it will be more popular.