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Doors and windows DIY|How to rear install child restraints?


In addition to providing the necessary shelter from wind and rain, sound insulation and heat preservation for the home, home improvement doors and windows have also received more and more attention for their protective properties.

Especially for those who have children at home and live on high floors, perfecting the plan and safety elements of the product in advance when installing new windows can make the use of doors and windows at home comfortable and at ease.

For example, in the design of doors and windows, the waistline position should be 90-110 cm away from the finished surface of the ground, and the windows that open and turn inwards are used to improve the protection during ventilation. Another example is the installation of supporting protective devices at the product end.

However, these measures are aimed at users of new windows. Recently, Baydee has also received many questions from friends, "I added a new baby, and I never thought of preventing children from opening and closing windows at will. Is there any remedy?" , Does Baydee have any experience in improving the protection of doors and windows after occupancy?"

There is ~, this article will do such an arrangement:

01 screen window

Screen windows are an important accessory for doors and windows. In most cases, choosing a suitable screen window can provide both anti-mosquito and protection.

Child-proof invisible screen window, also known as screen window guard, protective invisible screen window. It is based on the invisible screen window, adding a horizontal bar on the screen window frame. The horizontal bar has the function of separating space and general load-bearing (single adult does not need to use foreign objects to keep moving), which can effectively prevent children from dangerous actions.

This kind of invisible screen window also has a relatively big advantage, that is, the horizontal bar is a detachable design, and the guardrail can be gradually removed as the children become more sensible, so that it becomes unobstructed.

△ Child-proof invisible screens are more suitable for outward opening windows

The screen window made of king kong mesh has the advantages of protection (or anti-theft) and easy cleaning, but it has the disadvantages of blocking light and wind. It is a substitute for invisible screen windows, and it can be matched with various window types by choosing different styles

Among the various styles of diamond mesh screens, Baydee personally prefers the detachable three-way diamond mesh screens and frame-in-frame diamond mesh screens (high transparency). On the one hand, there are lock points, which have protection and certain anti-theft functions, and compared with the translation and swing type, the price is more affordable. On the other hand, they are "detachable screens", which solve the problem of cleaning

△ Example of detachable three-way diamond mesh screen window;

The overall is thicker, the light is more obvious, the handle is more prominent, and it is most suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and other outward-opening windows;

Example of frame-in-frame King Kong mesh screens (high transparency);

The high-transparency diamond yarn minimizes the impact of light transmission, which is practical for the whole house + a must-have for screen windows;

02 Railings

The child-proof invisible screen window mentioned above is a combination of screen window + railing, and there are also railings dedicated to the top and side of doors and windows. Various window types can be used. These two are more practical:

Window safety guardrail specially installed in the window opening position:

△ Window safety guardrail; Baydee recommends this detachable metal guardrail, which can be removed by itself in the future if it is not used, and can be escaped in an emergency

There are also window safety fences with shapes on the Internet, and the load-bearing protection is also good, suitable for those who pursue appearance:

△ Safety protection railing; the advantage is that you can install it wherever you want, and it can be disassembled and installed repeatedly; but it is not recommended to install it on the left side of the picture, because the glass does not need to be protected, and the lower railing may also become a climbing tool;

Find one with a movable fan, which can also be installed at the stairway, aisle, entrance door, etc. at home, so that mothers do not need to keep an eye on their children all the time:

In terms of window guardrails, anti-theft windows are no longer allowed in many areas because of the risk of falling objects and the difficulty of escape. In the same way, Baydee does not recommend installing this kind of stainless steel invisible protective net. First, it is not conducive to escape, and second, there will be risks of rust, sticking, and loosening:

03 DIY

The large protective device Baydee recommends these two types, and then introduces DIY small objects, the cost is relatively low, and it is suitable to be regarded as "an extra insurance":

(1) Window stoppers. There are many types and materials that can be selected for such "window stoppers" on the Internet. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the window type, appearance, and protection are reasonable:

△ Push-pull limiter, principle lock type, buckle type;

(2) Window handles. In addition to conventional handles for windows at home, you can also look for handles with child protection functions, such as handles that require passwords, fingerprints, handles with keyholes, and push-type handles. Wait:

(3) Anti-opening magic device, which can be used on the entrance door and windows at home, but the effect is only suitable for children who can crawl and run, but "spiritual intelligence is not yet opened".

04 Safety Education

Baydee has always felt that it is more appropriate to use it as "preparation" and "insurance" for protection against such products, because all protective devices are not foolproof, and accidents may still occur in many situations.

It is also because external force has always been a tool to prevent children from accidents, and only internal safety education and awareness building are fundamental.

Only in the process of daily education, help children establish the concept of danger, strengthen children's safety awareness, and reasonably correct their wrong behaviors. For example, learning to set up a high place to reach out to probe together, opening doors and windows alone, soaking in boiling water, touching the power supply, etc. are very dangerous things. Parents should be patient and teach their children when they do these things; Stop explaining the reason repeatedly in time.

In this way, the double-layer protection of tools + education can minimize the risk factor.