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How to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows when the climate difference between north and south is so big?


Doors and windows bring more possibilities and imagination to the building, and are also the joints that connect the indoor and outdoor environments. China is a vast country, and there are differences in climate and environment between the north and the south. The outdoor environment will affect the choice of doors and windows. The following Baydee uPVC Profiles will focus on explaining to you how to choose the north and south of doors and windows:

climate difference

The northern climate often has cold air flow, low temperature, dry air and dust storms.

The climate in the south is warm and humid, with hot and rainy summers.

Door and window function

Regional differences will make the performance of doors and windows different in the selection.

In order to improve the thermal insulation of the room, the doors and windows in the north should choose good thermal insulation; in order to prevent the entry of wind and sand, good sealing should not be less.


Consumers spend hundreds of thousands or even millions on decoration, in order to live more comfortably and enjoy a better quality of life. The system doors and windows are not limited to a single function, and meet various performance tests to meet various requirements for door and window performance. In this aspect, it can not be limited by the influence of the climate in the north and south, and can be designed according to the unique aesthetics of consumers in the north and south, in addition to the appearance of the style, the comfortable interior experience sensory.