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How to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


At present, there are many brands of doors and windows, and most of them are mixed in the market. As a bridge between the home and the outside world, doors and windows play a vital role in the home experience. Therefore, choosing a good door and window is undoubtedly a good guarantee for the future home experience. So how to choose a safe broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

see profiles

The profile determines the quality of the window frame and door frame and the overall quality. A good profile can maintain the service life of doors and windows to a large extent, and at the same time play a great role in ensuring safety.

Baydee uPVC Profiles mostly use aviation-grade aluminum to ensure high-quality hardware, high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, and good performance.

see performance

Whether it is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be known after a test, only the design of broken bridge aluminum can achieve sound insulation and heat resistance to a certain extent. For this, Baydee uPVC Profiles has conducted a large number of door and window product performance tests, and has also stepped up research and development while continuously optimizing product performance. We can also intuitively feel the heat insulation and cold insulation, forming a temperature difference, which is also an important function of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.

see the whole

At present, most of the doors and windows on the market are mainly made of broken bridge aluminum, but a good profile design does not mean a good level of craftsmanship and design, as well as the aesthetic appreciation of the doors and windows involved.

These have also become the object of people's increasing attention at present. For example, for the splicing of corner codes, Baydee uPVC Profiles adopts the German two-component glue injection process for pins, which greatly guarantees the splicing effect between the two broken bridge aluminum profiles.

see installation process

There has always been a saying in the door and window market: "Three points of product, seven points of installation." Installation plays a very important role in the use of doors and windows. If installed improperly, it will greatly affect the home experience and the quality of the doors and windows themselves.

There is also a saying that when it comes to the sound insulation and thermal insulation effects of doors and windows, of course, we must choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Although broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good, the price is also high, especially in today's market.

Look at the insulation strips.

The focus of sealing and heat insulation is on the "broken bridge", and the heat insulation strip is the "bridge" of the broken bridge window! Broken bridge aluminum is also called thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum. Therefore, the quality of the heat insulation strip directly affects the sealing effect of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.

The heat insulation strips of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows must use PA66 nylon insulation strips, while the PVC plastic strips glow, but the surface is not smooth; the surface of the real nylon strips is smooth and well-proportioned. If the heat insulation strip is deformed, it will not be tightly connected with the aluminum alloy profile, which will affect the sealing effect of the window. deformed.

Glass choice is important.

The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows of large-scale manufacturers are generally equipped with safe double-layer tempered insulating glass, which has excellent sealing and sound insulation effects. Insulating glass with poor quality has poor sealing performance, which is easy to cause water vapor to enter the intermediate layer and form fog on the glass, which not only affects the appearance, but also shows insufficient air tightness and water tightness. The doors and windows with good sealing performance can ensure that the home is warm in winter and cool in summer. Turning on the air conditioner in summer also saves electricity. It can also isolate the noise of cars, people, and square dancing from the outside world, but inferior doors and windows cannot achieve such an effect.

Hardware must be good.

Good hardware is generally made of copper, stainless steel or zinc alloy materials with high strength, not easy to deform, good corrosion resistance, stronger bearing capacity and good stability. The poor hardware is mostly made of ordinary metal materials, such as aluminum alloys and other materials with soft metal properties, which are easy to deform and break, and the hardware handles have thin walls.

After reading this article, I believe you have a clear concept of how to choose a safe broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. How to choose in the market of doors and windows with different quality is a knowledge, and how can enterprises provide consumers with safer and more reliable products And services are also enduring research topics.