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It is very important to choose a good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which can save energy and keep you warm!


In summer, there is sunshine and beaches, but also scorching heat, cicada noise and typhoon and rain! At this time, how good is it to install sound insulation and heat insulation doors and windows in the home to block the heat energy of the sun, and the air conditioner will not "run" after turning on the air conditioner, making the home the most comfortable place in summer!

Baydee uPVC Profiles use high-quality aluminum profiles and high-end breaking bridge technology to form a protective cover between indoors and outdoors, giving you better thermal insulation. And the use of multi-layer sealing, EPDM sealing strip with good weather resistance enhances the overall energy-saving thermal insulation sealing effect of doors and windows, and has good sealing performance. It can effectively prevent the conduction of heat, and it can be warm in winter and cool in summer.

The advantages of insulating glass are energy saving and environmental protection, it can isolate noise, and it can also isolate the penetration of hot air. At the same time, it adopts automotive-grade tempered glass, national 3C certification, double-layer glass structure, filled with argon gas, which can not only isolate the penetration of hot air, but also isolate noise, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

In the hot summer, doors and windows with heat insulation strips can block the hot air flow from the outside, and also reduce the energy loss of air conditioning relatively, and also reduce the radiation of air conditioning and heating to the environment, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.