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CROWN——Industry standard


To promote the standard development of the industry, CROWN doors and windows participated in the compilation of "Customized Door and Window Engineering Technical Regulations"!

A few days ago, sponsored by the Construction Curtain Wall and Doors and Windows Professional Committee of the Engineering Construction Standardization Association, China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd., and Jianke Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and undertaken by the Guangdong Door Industry Association, the standard publicity and implementation of the "Customized Doors and Windows Engineering Technical Regulations"The standard publicity and custom door and window development summit forum was grandly held at the Foshan Hilton Hotel. CROWN doors and windows were officially awarded the CECS Standard Participating Unit of "Technical Specifications for Custom Door and Window Engineering".


The chief editor of CECS standard "Technical Specifications for Custom Door and Window Engineering" is China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd. The standard makes detailed provisions on the materials, design, processing, production, installation, acceptance, use and maintenance of customized doors and windows.

The publicity and implementation of the CECS standard "Technical Regulations for Custom Doors and Windows Engineering" has filled the gap in the industry standards for custom doors and windows, and also provided directions for the industry in product performance improvement, production and other aspects. The development is of great significance, marking that China's custom door and window industry has entered a new track with standards to follow.


As a well-known brand in the custom door and window industry, Henan CROWN Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. has a large-scale custom door and window production base in China, and has introduced advanced German system door and window technology. Win the market with quality, win word of mouth with service, deeply trusted and supported by customers!

Participating in the compilation of the "Technical Regulations for Custom Doors and Windows Engineering" is not only the industry's recognition of the doors and windows of the CROWN system, but also the embodiment of the high standards and demonstrations of the CROWN doors and windows for customizing high-performance door and window products in the industry.

Facing the development of the new era, CROWN doors and windows will continue to work hard, infiltrate the standardization of customized doors and windows into all aspects of enterprise operation, and actively promote the high-quality development of the home improvement customized doors and windows industry, so that every family can enjoy high-quality door and window products , help the formulation of door and window standards, and contribute to the industry.