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Learn about the performance of UPVC Windows & Doors


UPVC Windows & Doors are based on polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) resin as the main raw materials, plus a certain percentage of stabilizer, coloring agent, filling agent, ultraviolet absorbent, etc., squeezed out of the profile, and then cut, welded or snail connection. Make a doors and windows frame.

The matching sealing strip, hairy strip, hardware, etc. are used to enhance the rigidity of the profile. The steel lining (enhanced tendon) that exceeds a certain length of the profile is required。The portal windows made in this way are called UPVC Windows & Doors.

Insulation energy and energy saving:

UPVC Windows & Doors are multi -cavity structures, which have good thermal insulation performance. Its heat transfer performance is very small. It is only 1/357 of steel and 1/250 aluminum. Modern buildings of air -conditioning equipment are more applicable.

The survey comparison, that is, the use of UPVC Windows & Doors can be 4-5 degrees higher than the winter room temperature in the winter room and window; the use of double glass in the northern region is better. According to the Institute of Physics of the Research Institute, a single glass steel, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum windows is 64W/m2k; the heat transfer coefficient of single glass -plastic steel window is about 47W/m2k; It is about 3.7W/m2k;

The heating coefficient of double -glass plastic steel windows is about 2.5W/m2k. The doors and windows accounted for 30%of the area of the outer surrounding structure of the building, and their radiating volume accounted for 49%. From this, we can see that plastic steel windows have good energy -saving benefits.

Physical properties

The physical properties of UPVC Windows & Doors mainly refer to the air permeability (gas tight) UPVC Windows & Doors, the leakage (water tightness), wind and pressure, and temperature insulation performance. Because UPVC Windows & Doors have a unique multi -chamber structure, and the melting process is made into doors and windows, all gaps are equipped with doors and windows sealing strips and hair strips when installation of UPVC Windows & Doors, so they have good physical properties.

Corrosion resistance

UPVC Windows & Doors have a good corrosion resistance because of their unique formula. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel windows depends on the use of hardware. The hardware in normal environment is a metal product, and the industry in a corrosive environment.Such as food, medicine, hygiene, chemicals and coastal areas, and rainy areas, and rainy areas, anti -corrosive hardware (engineering plastics), which is 10 times that of UPVC Windows & Doors.

Weather resistance

UPVC Windows & Doors are special formulas, and ultraviolet absorbers and low temperature shocks are added to the raw materials, thereby improving the weathering of UPVC Windows & Doors. Long -term use in the environment of temperature and climate. Between one 30 degrees and 70 degrees, the phenomenon of discoloration, deterioration, aging, and crispy in the change of scorching sun, heavy rain, dryness, and humidity. Plastic steel windows have been examples of 30 years in Western Europe, and their materials are intact.


UPVC Windows & Doors are not spontaneous, non -combustion, self -extinguished by fire, safe and reliable, and meet the fire prevention requirements. This performance has expanded the scope of the use of UPVC Windows & Doors.

Insulation performance

UPVC Windows & Doors use excellent electrical insulators with different types of different profiles.


UPVC Windows & Doors are fine and smooth, and the quality is consistent in inside and outside. After special treatment, easy processing, cutting, and melting processing, the length, width and diagonal lines of the doors and windows can be within 2mm.The processing accuracy, the angle strength can reach more than 3000N.

Sound insulation

The main lies in the sound insulation effect of about 80%of the glass. Some sound insulation UPVC Windows & Doors on the market cooperate with the co -in cooperation with the resonance transmission of sound waves and use different glass combination structures, such as hollow glass plastic steel windows, ordinary double -layer glass. Enhanced doors and windows sound insulation effects. In terms of doors and windows, the use of high -quality rubber strips and plastic sealing accessories makes the performance effect of UPVC Windows & Doors significantly.