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CROWN's doors and windows bring the extreme experience!



From a doors and windows to the continuous and perfect product system, CROWN's pursuit of the quality and performance of doors and windows never stops.

CROWN's doors and windows have an independent product R & D team, combining innovative raw materials with innovative technologies, improved the structure of traditional doors and windows, and realized the performance of doors and windows in the performance of insulation insulation, sound insulation, dense gas, water density, wind resistance and other properties The new upgrade has successfully developed energy -saving doors and windows with super performance.


CROWN perfectly interpreted the "performance" of doors and windows, and was completely described as designed in detail design.


Close to the doors and windows of CROWN, you will find that the all -type polymer composite material of the German environmental protection formula and through independent research and development and production is used. Low heat transfer coefficient, zero formaldehyde, 100%recycling and other characteristics.

Hardware is a multi -locking point five -gold linkage system tailored by European brands, which can be used for about 55 years, which effectively guarantees the service life of doors and windows. What is more noteworthy is that CROWN's doors and windows use the German Hao Bo's hand, with delicate and textured surface, strong corrosion resistance, and make the product more new.

Technically, the entire line of the doors and windows of CROWN is configured with multiple EPDM sealing strips. The 90 -degree group corner uses an integrated vulcanized corner forming process to effectively improve the sealing of the entire window, thermal insulation, and sound insulation performance.

The entire system is equipped with a multi-layer tempered hollow glass with independent deep processing. It can also be equipped with glue, LOW-E, vacuum glass, etc., which further enhances the new realm of CROWN's insulation and sound insulation performance in doors and windows.

CROWN's doors and windows are also carefully designed in the functional combination of products. Different functional configurations such as built -in shutters, lighting glass, wind and rain smart window, anti -theft alarm window Considering the needs of different customers, there are commonality and differences.


Beginning with appearance, being trapped in quality, loyalty to performance

CROWN is convinced

Product performance is an important part of improving the home environment

Over the years, we have chased the time when others are chased by others

Come to unlock the new "performance" in the field of doors and windows

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