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How to choose doors and windows?


As one of the very important links in the process of house decoration, aluminum alloy doors and windows can not only affect the overall visual effect, but also meet our requirements for room comfort, warmth and safety. Aluminum alloy doors and windows integrate various materials such as profiles, hardware, glass and auxiliary materials. In the design, aesthetics, structural mechanics and conduction control of light and heat energy, noise control, wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness, use Convenience, durability and weather resistance, among many other factors.

Choose doors and windows, prefer "aluminum alloy doors and windows"

When you buy aluminum alloy doors and windows, merchants may recommend broken bridge aluminum. Because aluminum alloy is a good conductor of heat, the thermal insulation is too poor, which affects comfort and environmental protection. Before the technology of broken bridge came out, aluminum alloy basically withdrew from the selection of doors and windows due to its heat insulation problem. The appearance of broken bridge technology saved aluminum alloy doors and windows. Therefore, in the decoration process, unless the money is too tight, it is generally recommended to use broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. In addition to your own comfort, it is also important to save energy and reduce energy consumption.

The choice of aluminum alloy doors and windows also depends on the "system"

There is also a concept of system doors and windows in broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which was first proposed by Schüco in Germany. Generally speaking, the system doors and windows have been greatly improved compared with ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in terms of air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, structural strength and service durability.

The method of judging the quality of a system is mainly to look at the section of the profile angle. Usually a broken bridge section and the tightness of the sealing strip can reflect the quality of a system. The following points are easier to help you:

1) There are three rubber strip seals between the system doors and windows, the opening fan and the door frame.

2) The system door and window glass installation will never use silica gel, only two glue strips inside and outside the glass are used.

3) The glass pressing line of the system doors and windows cannot appear outdoors.
In terms of price, taking 60 system windows as an example, the general selling price of domestic systems ranges from 1500-2000. Foreign ones are generally between 2000-3000.

The choice of doors and windows depends on the opening method

It is also very important how to choose the opening method of residential doors and windows! Common opening methods of windows include: push-pull, outward opening, inward opening and inner inversion, and upper hanging.
Sliding windows were very popular before, they are cheap, do not take up space, and are easy to use. However, the main problem of sliding windows is that the sealing performance is not good, it is easy to leak air and water, and the sound insulation performance is very poor. Outward opening windows are also a type of window that is used more often. The main feature is that they do not occupy indoor space. However, due to the hidden safety hazards of outward opening windows and the risk of falling from high altitudes, outward opening windows are rarely used in foreign countries. The code also stipulates that buildings with more than 7 floors cannot use outward opening windows.

Generally, the selection of door and window hardware in the terminal retail link

Most of the casement windows of foreign brands are around 1,000 yuan. The hardware of the door is a little more expensive, the hardware requirements of the door are relatively high, and the gap between each brand is relatively large. When choosing, you can compare more, not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods.

Choose the details of doors and windows should not be ignored

1. Look at the corners

We all know that the final quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows has a relatively large relationship with the processing capacity of the processing plant, and one of the important indicators is the corner. The connection between the two profiles at the corner of a good door and window is to use an aluminum corner code to connect, and then use a corner forming machine to squeeze the profile and the corner code together, and then inject two-component glue into the hole to solidify the corner code frame material. Together. Commonly used low-quality practices are: splicing without corner yards, no curing glue with corner yards, or deceiving consumers with a little bit on the mouth. In addition, you can also judge the quality by touching the seam of the group corner with your hand. The smoother the corner, the better the processing quality of the group corner.

2. Look at the tape

In order to ensure the sealing of doors and windows, a large number of rubber seals are used in the doors and windows of the system. A good seal must be elastic, black in color and not easily deformed. At the glass frame, good doors and windows use glue strips, and many manufacturers manually glue them. This is not the standard practice of good aluminum alloy doors and windows.

3. Look at the hardware

For doors and windows, hardware is the most apparent thing, so the selling point of many door and window factories is also on hardware. The quality of hardware mainly comes from reasonable design, proper materials and fine processing. In general, we recommend that you use big brands.

4. Look at the glass

Glass has always been a weak link in home improvement doors and windows, accounting for 80% of the entire door and window area. It plays an absolutely important role in the realization of door and window functions. Many door and window manufacturers will avoid talking about glass, the main reason is that most of the processing factories are small factories.

The main functions of glass are thermal insulation performance, sound insulation, safety, anti-smashing and isolation of ultraviolet rays, etc. After glass is processed, many additional functions can be obtained, but at present these technologies are only mastered by some large manufacturers. There are some points to remind you:

First, thermal insulation is mainly achieved by LOW-E and hollow. LOW-E glass is divided into online and offline, offline LOW-E performance is divided into single silver, double silver and triple silver from low to high, online LOW-E E is approximately equal to single silver in performance. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary glass with three glass and two hollows has not yet used the LOW-E single-chamber glass with good energy-saving effect;

Second, the hollow does not increase the sound insulation effect, and the heat insulation is mainly achieved by the sandwich film in the middle.

5. Look at the color

Door and window colors can also be customized. At present, in addition to supporting various colors of surface treatment, it can also be made into wood grain shape, adding metal powder to increase metal texture and other means. The aluminum alloy products have a relatively high market recognition. Generally, there are several types of fluorocarbon spraying, powder electrostatic spraying, anodizing and surface filming. Powder coating, while inexpensive, meets the most requirements. In addition, powder spraying can also be used to make wood grain inside; during acceptance, in addition to meeting individual needs, attention should also be paid to unqualified phenomena such as surface spraying quality, color difference, scratches and paint peeling.
The cost of color customization is generally charged according to the complexity of color processing. Generally, the minimum quantity of a color is more than 20 square meters, and the price per square meter ranges from 50 to 200 yuan.

In the end, I think everyone has their own ideas! Know how to choose good doors and windows! When buying doors and windows, be sure to shop around! ! Don't be fooled! !