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What kind of doors and windows can be matched with no decoration style?


Everyone has their own pursuit of poetry and distance, as well as their favorite decoration style. Different decoration styles bring different space atmospheres. Different doors and windows and different styles of home collide to create different poems and distances.

Nordic style

Nordic style, as a once-popular style, has always been dominated by simplicity. Whether it is from interior design or furniture design, it not only reflects the aesthetics of Nordic design, but also creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The light gray sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows make the space brighter and more spacious. When you are visually tired, you can look at the beautiful scenery outside the house through the window, which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

minimalist style

Minimalism, as a reverse of abstract expressionism, goes to the extreme. It is displayed in front of the viewer with its original self-image, without the burden of a hardcover room.

Grey furniture is matched with casement windows, which is individual, simple, and micro-ventilated design, which is safe and secure, allowing the simple design to give the space a more natural feeling.

French style

When it comes to France, what comes to mind is a very romantic and artistic taste. From traditional luxury to modern simplicity, French style shows great charm, especially the diversified interpretation of modern French style, which is even more dizzying.

Cream color home design, natural light meets daily life, but also brings a poetic atmosphere. The French style completes the coexistence of elegance and romance, allowing people to enjoy the good times of life in elegance.


Different from other styles or light luxury, or fashion, or modern characteristics, the beauty of wabi-sabi style is to return to the original, and feel the beauty of the years itself in the worn-out objects.

The clean lines are designed with oversized floor-to-ceiling windows. Peek into minimal life through calm spaces. Indifferent years, looking for life and self in the silence of all sounds.