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What are the advantages of casement windows?


Doors and windows are the passages for dredging the air and lighting in our room. Baydee uPVC Profiles will show you what a casement window is and what are the advantages of a casement window.


Casement windows are simple and flexible, and can make a variety of line façade effects, with a large opening area and good transparency. It can gently replace the indoor air, and it is also more convenient to clean the outer glass.


The casement window has a relatively small section, the advantage is that it has better wind resistance and compression resistance, and is more suitable for high-rise residents. Safety is the first priority for you, it is recommended to choose casement windows to seal the balcony.

good performance

Casement windows have large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, and excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inward opening type is convenient for cleaning windows; the outward opening type does not occupy space when opened.

Applicable scene

Casement windows are superior to sliding windows in wind resistance and air tightness, and are suitable for spaces with larger space areas or spaces with high requirements for air tightness and permeability, such as living rooms, living room balconies, bedroom balconies, study rooms, etc. .

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