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Summer windows and doors layout plan


Summer is approaching, and you feel the heat wave brought by the hot summer when you go out. When the busy people become irritable because of the rising temperature, the cool arrangement at home can calm your heart.

Baydee uPVC Profiles brings a summer door and window layout plan this time, allowing you to feel the beauty and coolness in the hot summer.

Mainly with light colors

A pleasant home atmosphere is inseparable from colorful colors, light-colored furniture, matching light-colored doors and windows, fresh and elegant material tones, fashionable and luxurious glass styles, modern and simple modeling design, matching doors and windows with furniture, Add beautiful poetry to your home.

Focus on simplicity and neatness

The home decoration arrangement in summer should not be too cumbersome or messy, and the simple and neat home decoration can better bring a sense of coolness to people psychologically.

The doors and windows choose the simple and elegant narrow frame design, enjoy the boundless panoramic view in the transparent door and window glass, reduce the sense of space depression, and at the same time relieve the irritability caused by the high temperature in summer.

Mainly fresh and transparent

When decorating a summer home, use more products with cool materials as decoration, bringing us cool enjoyment and driving away the hot atmosphere.

Good profiles, transparent glass, and the penetration of light and shadow make the space clearer, bringing sunshine and fresh breeze in the opening and closing, making the living room more quiet and comfortable.