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What aspects determine the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


A few days ago, a friend kept asking us how to distinguish the quality of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges? I believe that this problem has been plaguing many customers. Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles will work with you to see which aspects can distinguish the quality of a broken bridge aluminum door and window!

Baydee broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

A good broken bridge aluminum door and window profile has an accurate geometric angle of the cut surface, the profile will not be bent and twisted, the angle is correct, and the thickness of the cut surface is sufficient. For example, the 60-type broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have a profile thickness of 6 cm and a full weight.

Be sure to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows with integrated bending process instead of diagonal process. The hollow one-piece bending aluminum spacer can easily eliminate the source of air leakage at the four corners through continuous bending during installation and use.

Be sure to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows with EPDM sealing tape. The surface of this tape is smooth and beautiful, and its advantage is anti-aging. If you use inferior tape, it will harden or even break over time, resulting in Air leakage occurs.

The thermal insulation of broken bridge aluminum depends on its thermal insulation strips, which reduces the heat transfer between indoors and outdoors. Therefore, the more successful the insulation strips are, the better the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows.

Therefore, for some consumers who are careful and unable to make up their minds to buy products, it may also be necessary to inspect the production management of door and window manufacturers. If conditions permit, try to let the businessman take himself to the factory to inspect the factory in person, to check the factory's production equipment, personnel management, production process, etc.

In general, to identify a good aluminum alloy door and window, we need to start from the eight aspects of profile, glass, hardware, sealing strip and top, isothermal layer, strip penetration form, drainage channel, and workshop production management. Comprehensive comparison, choose the best among the best, so as to choose the high-quality doors and windows that suit you.