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Do you know the role of sound insulation cotton for doors and windows in the system?


Doors and windows with good sound insulation not only have good structural design and materials, but also add sound insulation cotton. Do you know anything about sound insulation cotton? And the role of the system door and window sound insulation cotton, let's get to know the Baydee Upvc Profiles together.

Baydee system doors and windows

Improve the sound insulation effect of system doors and windows

The sound insulation cotton in the doors and windows of the system can absorb indoor and outdoor sounds, and the system windows filled with sound insulation cotton can improve the original sound insulation effect by 7~12%, especially for the houses along the street, the use of sound insulation cotton is particularly important. Importantly, even on a noisy roadside, people can sleep peacefully, and no matter how heavy the wind and rain, there will be no sound of rain hitting the window profiles.

Improve the thermal insulation effect of system doors and windows

Another important function of the sound insulation cotton for doors and windows of the system is thermal insulation. Using the good thermal insulation effect of the sound insulation cotton, the sound insulation cotton is filled in the cavity of the door and window profiles, which can avoid indoor and outdoor temperature conduction and hedging. To put it simply, it can prevent the outdoor high temperature from being transmitted to the indoor through the aluminum profile in summer, and the cold air of the indoor air conditioner from being transmitted to the outdoor, and the opposite in winter. Furniture avoids summer heat to prolong life.

How sound insulation cotton works

The sound generated by the vibration of indoor and outdoor objects is transmitted through the air. When the sound wave passes through the sound insulation cotton with a multi-fiber structure, it is reflected, superimposed and collided by countless fibers, so that the sound wave energy is converted into heat energy (the generated heat energy is negligible), resulting in The intensity of the sound waves diminishes until the sound disappears.

Sound insulation cotton is mostly used in system doors and windows. Combined with the culture and climate of most people, high-performance system door and window products are created. In terms of structural design and application of accessories, air tightness and water tightness are further improved, making your life more comfortable.