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Understand the development history of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


In the long river of history, doors and windows have undergone many transformations. Very early doors and windows are only for ventilation and lighting. Build a frame out of wood and attach grass to it, it will break in a little rain. Later, it was made of all wood, and the styles began to be varied, with all shapes, hollowed out in the middle, carved with meaningful patterns, and then pasted with paper, which became much better-looking, but in terms of resistance to wind, frost, rain and snow, the Still doesn't work much.

Then the craft of making glass matured and started to be used in windows, but not everyone could afford it at the time. Later, steel doors and windows were mainly used. However, it has only been two years since people issued steel doors and windows. There are also many inconveniences. The main reason is that there is too much iron, which is easy to rust and bulky.

Therefore, aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows have been developed. When many people went to college, the teaching buildings used this kind of aluminum alloy sliding window. Of course, many middle schools also started to use that kind of aluminum alloy sliding window at that time. The advantages are obvious and they will not rust, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The seams are large and loose, and in winter, the newspapers come in very handy. However, at that time, there were only aluminum alloy sliding windows, no aluminum alloy casement windows, and no aluminum alloy hinged doors. Mainly because the technology was immature, the sliding windows were all fixed with rivets.

After that, plastic-steel windows became popular, and the advantages are obvious. They can be opened flat, which also makes up for the poor sealing performance of aluminum alloy sliding windows. The plastic steel window is because the window frame material is made of PVC resin, which is not strong, but the steel lining is added inside. Therefore, the disadvantage of plastic steel is that compared with aluminum alloy, it is not strong enough. Over time, plastic tends to change color.

With the continuous development of the times, the height of the building has gradually increased, and the disadvantages of steel doors and windows have gradually emerged. Its heavy quality and high density cannot be based on high-rise buildings. So aluminum alloy doors and windows appeared. Later, aluminum alloys were not energy-efficient enough, so they combined various advantages and ushered in broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Broken Bridge aluminum alloy windows finally meet several main needs:

1. Structure: Broken bridge aluminum alloy structure

2. Sealing: rubber strip, wool strip sealing and sealing process

3. No discoloration: mixed metal does not fade

4. Thermal insulation: use thermal insulation strips to isolate the broken bridge

Five, mute: closed process

After the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are launched on the market, they have a longer life cycle than plastic steel windows, and other properties are better than those of plastic steel windows, but the price is relatively high, so they are used more in hotels. With the progress of technology and batches The production of modernization will definitely be the mainstream of the market in the future. Because the broken bridge aluminum is a new type of product, the quality in the market is also worrying. Some businesses are inferior in the performance of the broken bridge aluminum insulation filler, thermal insulation strip, and hardware performance, resulting in mixed market feedback. But I believe that competition will be optimized in the future market. Today, let's talk about it first. For more knowledge about doors and windows, you can pay attention to Xiaobian and will continue to share knowledge of doors and windows with you.