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Why does the laminated glass of doors and windows appear water vapor in rainy days


For our home decoration, many friends want to install some good windows to ensure good indoor insulation effect. Like many families, when they were renovating, they felt that the original windows were not good, so they replaced them with new ones. However, if our window selection does not meet the requirements, or the installation does not meet the requirements, corresponding problems may occur. For example, a common problem is the leakage of rain and air. Then it is rainy in March. Many friends will find that the windows of their homes are prone to condensation. They will find that even after the weather is sunny, there will still be water vapor and stains in the glass of the windows of their homes. The problem is that there is condensation on the surface of the window glass, that is, there is a layer of water vapor. So why does this happen? The editor combines the above questions to answer the problem of water vapor in the aluminum window of the broken bridge.

What causes water vapor in windows?

We said that there is moisture on the surface of the glass of the broken bridge aluminum window. In fact, the explanation for this phenomenon is that there is condensation on the surface of our glass. That is to say, there is a layer of water droplets on the surface of the glass. If we look closely, it is like a layer of water vapor, because the outdoor temperature is very low, and the temperature of the window is also very low. When the air humidity is too high, when the indoor air touches the window, the air The moisture in the window will condense into condensate on the surface of the window, forming water vapor. After the water vapor accumulates too much, it will become water droplets and flow down. Therefore, the more water vapor on the windows is due to the lower outdoor temperature on the one hand, and the higher indoor humidity on the other hand.

Also, the surface temperature of the glass is too low. Because if condensation can occur on the glass surface, the conditions for condensation must be met. That is to say, condensation occurs when high-temperature humid air encounters low-temperature glass. It can be said that another condition for condensation is caused by the low temperature of the inner surface of our glass. If the temperature of the inner surface of the glass is basically not too different from the indoor temperature, condensation will not occur at this time.

So how to solve the water vapor in the laminated glass of these windows?

Now that the water vapor has been produced, we must first remove the water vapor. You can remove the sealing strip, and rely on the heat of natural light to evaporate the water vapor; or after the sealing strip is removed, blow it to one side with a hair dryer to let the water vapor flow down. Then install the sealing strip. After installing, use glass glue to mark the surrounding area to make the sealing effect better.

If it is the sealant problem, the sealing between the window frame and the glass is not done well, the sealant is not applied well or the quality of the sealant is poor, the sound insulation effect of the window is poor, and the window is also prone to water vapor. Remove the glue and reapply the sealant.

Window air leakage Some windows are not installed properly, resulting in a gap between the two windows, and there will be air leakage. This requires the manufacturer to repair the door and window hardware and reinstall it. There is no gap between the windows to prevent air leakage. Phenomenon.

But after many years of timing in other people's homes, there are still no such problems in the window glass? And the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation is also very good, why is this? Because they installed the system doors and windows. System doors and windows need to consider a series of functions such as air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as the comprehensive results of equipment, profiles, glass, viscose, etc. The strict standards in materials, technology and technology are compared with ordinary Doors and windows are more stable and functional, which improves the quality of life of the house, and is also the reason why it is becoming more and more alive. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right doors and windows. Well, today, the editor of Baydee uPVC Profile will share it here, see you in the next issue!