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The drainage holes of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are also very knowledgeable.


When it comes to the watertight performance of doors and windows, many people first think of sealing strips. Although the door and window sealing strips are inconspicuous, they are very useful! It plays a vital role in the overall performance of doors and windows (waterproof, sealing, energy saving). In fact, in addition to rubber strips, the drainage design of doors and windows is also closely related to the waterproof performance of doors and windows. The function of the door and window rubber strips is to block, and the function of the drainage system is naturally to drain the rainwater that seeps into the cavity from the room as soon as possible to reduce the accumulation of rainwater. How much do you know about the drainage structure of windows in your home?

Adhesive strip and drainage system complement each other

In terms of the waterproof performance of doors and windows, the adhesive strip and the drainage system perform their respective functions and complement each other. Door and window sealing strips are mainly used for elastic materials on building door and window components. When the rainwater enters the cavity, the function of the sealing strip is to block the gap and prevent the rainwater from flowing into the gap and causing the wall to leak.

The drainage hole is vertically downward, and the drainage is more efficient; it can also avoid direct wind blowing and rainwater pouring. The hidden drain hole is also not easy to be blown by the wind and produce a wind whistle.

Hidden drainage holes, higher appearance: The traditional drainage design is to prevent rainwater from blowing directly into the drainage holes, and it is necessary to install plastic covers on the drainage holes; however, in long-term use, some plastic covers are easy to fall off and affect the overall appearance.

Drain holes not only drain rainwater, but also dew condensation inside doors and windows. The purpose of drainage is not only to ensure that the door and window frames do not seep water, but also to ensure that the cavity of the insulating glass is dry and does not generate water vapor, because the high temperature after rain can easily generate water vapor in the cavity of the glass profile, and the water vapor is the insulating glass. Lifespan killer.

In addition, Baydee Upvc Profiles also needs to remind everyone that the drainage holes should also be protected from insects. As we all know, the drainage design is conducive to dredging the rainwater to the outside, preventing the rainwater from accumulating in the track and causing internal irrigation or (wall) seepage; but sometimes the drainage hole will also act as an infernal "pit" for us to open it like this The door of convenience - the sight of large water ants swarming in through the drainage holes, the editor has seen it.