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Learn about the system's door and window noise reduction function, you can stay away from noise troubles!


Want a quiet resting environment, I believe this is the same for everyone. But in many cases, when I come home with a tired body and mind, there is always the sound of car horns coming from the window, making people unable to sleep peacefully. At this time, the status quo should be changed. If you want a good resting environment, you must isolate the source of intrusion.

System doors and windows

Have you also had such an experience? She was about to fall asleep, but she was suddenly woken up by the sound of the outside world, and her heartbeat accelerated.

In fact, people who are in deep sleep are suddenly awakened, which will affect human health to a certain extent. Noise itself is a hazard, and being awakened by noise in deep sleep is undoubtedly worse.

In addition, it may also have a certain impact on the metabolism of the body. When you wake up, you will feel depressed, unstable and other discomfort. Being awakened by noise during sleep can indeed cause certain damage to the human body.

In order to achieve good blocking of noise, it also needs to be cut off from its transmission path. Out is prosperous, in is quiet. The doors and windows of the system adopt multi-cavity structure design, multiple sound insulation design; good sealing performance; with integrated bending hollow aluminum grid strips, the profiles are flat; the tightness between the door and window fan and the frame is very high. It is very good at blocking sound transmission, creating a quiet space and enjoying a quiet life.

The noise decreases layer by layer through the hollow glass during the transmission process. The system doors and windows use good hollow tempered glass with multiple composite foam strips, double sealants, and layers of sealing to reduce noise.

Baydee Upvc Profiles believes that for a window, strong performance is the requirement and beautiful appearance is the pursuit, to achieve the coexistence of performance and beauty, so that a window has thousands of possibilities.