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Dust-proof tips for system doors and windows


I don’t know if you have noticed that the doors and windows of the house are closed, but a layer of dust will fall on the indoor furniture within a few days. You must be very distressed and wonder, where does this dust come from?

System doors and windows

In a room with closed doors and windows and no one living, the air is not circulating and the light is dim. In this case, the gas will deteriorate, and the accumulated dust will also breed various microorganisms, covering every corner of the room and every furniture. , building materials.

The main reasons for the formation of dust are: local climate, home life, number of people living there, building age of the house, etc.

Where does the dust come from? The first consideration is to enter the interior from the outside. For example, pollen from roadside plants, exhaust gas from automobiles, exhaust gas from industrial pollution, road dust blown up by the wind, etc., these dusts are likely to penetrate into the room from the gaps of doors and windows with the flow of air. The mobility is relatively poor, and the dust will slowly stop moving and eventually settle in the cracks and corners of the floor, furniture.

When people enter the room from the outside, they will also get a lot of dust on their bodies. The dust attached to the human skin, hair and clothes can easily enter the room, but we ourselves are not aware of it. Not just outdoors, but also indoors themselves generate dust. Debris naturally shed by human skin metabolism, pet hair, small insect corpses, food scraps, clothing fibers, household waste and cosmetic dust... These substances are entangled together to form a large amount of dust in the house.

In addition to the naturally generated dust, the poor sealing of the door and window rubber strips will also lead to more dust in the home, which must be taken into account when selecting materials for decoration.

So after listening to this, how can the system doors and windows be sealed and dustproof?

Special customized tops: Each door and window overlap is provided with specially customized encrypted tops to prevent dust from entering.

Rubber strip sealing: flexible material, with a degree of relaxation, to ensure that the fan and the glass are in closer contact and increase the sealing. A rubber strip is added in the middle to seal, and the rubber strip forms a corner to prevent the intrusion of dust.

Hardware positioning, good system hardware blessing, make doors and windows more secure and enhance the sealing of doors and windows.

Baydee Upvc Profiles summary: Good system doors and windows are the key to ensuring no air leakage and dust. The material and opening method of the windows have been changed from the original stage, and the effect of wind and dust protection is very obvious.