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Two principles for purchasing system doors and windows


As the first step of decoration, windows just need to be hard-installed. When choosing a brand, I am worried about encountering labels. Small workshops are very cheap, but who dares to choose? Accidents of falling windows in high-rise buildings are frequent. Many people think that choosing windows is difficult, but in fact, there are two principles when buying windows: pertinence and completeness. Listen to the Baydee Upvc Profiles for you:

System doors and windows

Targeted: In order to avoid ineffective communication with merchants, we should first clarify our needs. What problems do you want windows to solve? The important thing is sound insulation/warmth/durability and a balance of cost-effectiveness.

Integrity: The final effect is the combined effect of all main materials, accessories, processing and installation, not just a certain profile, hardware, or glass.

The sealing of doors and windows is still very important. In summer, the air-conditioning leaks and moisture invades. In winter, the cold air sees the seams and pins, which means that the sealing is poor, not to mention the air leakage and rain. Therefore, before all problems with doors and windows, you should first pay attention to whether the sealing is good or not, and then pay attention to other components such as profile wall thickness, sound insulation, and glass.

There are many reasons for poor sealing, mainly in two aspects. First, the quality of the product itself is not good. Second, the installation is not in place. For example, the leveling of the window hole is not good; the quality of the foaming agent is very poor. When it's cold, cracks shrink and reappear, window seals and insulation don't work, many people start talking about profiles when they mention windows, in fact, installation and construction specifications are just as important, if not more important.

Concerning profiles, the influence of window frame profiles on thermal insulation is about 20-30%. Generally speaking, the thicker the window frame profile, the better the thermal insulation effect. Usually 60, 65, 70 and 80 usually refer to the thickness of the window frame (excluding the window sash). According to the requirements of the new national standard, the wall thickness of the profile is 1.8mm, which can be directly purchased according to this standard.

The hardware involved in the window is very trivial. The handles, actuators, hinges, lock points, bases, etc. are generally sold as a complete set. For an ordinary casement window, the imported hardware is two or three hundred expensive, and the investment is really worth it.

The decoration of doors and windows is related to the ventilation, lighting, safety and other aspects of the room, and the acceptance of doors and windows is a very important link. The problems of doors and windows can be solved one by one through the acceptance process. If the acceptance is not good, there will be problems in subsequent use, and I am afraid it will be too late. Therefore, the installation and acceptance work cannot be sloppy.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone has a good idea when choosing system doors and windows. Go to several stores to see more plans and quotations. The configuration can be analyzed according to your family situation. In short, the safety of doors and windows is no trivial matter, but there are many hidden dangers in high-rise doors and windows! Choose a good system of doors and windows, avoid the quality problems of doors and windows from the source, and create a more comfortable and safer home for you and your family.